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Aside 27 Oct

A healthy relationship

Most of us have or had relationships, relationships have ups and down sometime you will fight or argue or sometimes you break up.

I think important factors that make a healthy relationship are communication, time, forgiveness and care. I think these are important ones because they keep the relationship last and healthy. 

Communication is important because when we communicate we understand each other more, and you will get to know more about each other, communication comes in many forms from mail to email, now communication is very accessible with so much technology, it is made easy. Starting a conversation isn’t that hard start with a hi or hello or be random then from there you guys will communicate.


Time, spending quality time with each other makes the relationship strong and healthy, in other way go bonding, go do activities like go watch a movie, and learn something new or visit places like go travel or tour around. I think that the best way to bond is to learn something new because there is an intimacy and you will be able to help each other and work as a team. I great example would be like planting a tree.


Care when you care for your partner your partner will care for you it’s the golden rule and when you care for each you will love each other more. 


We are humans we all make mistakes no one is perfect and it is impossible that you never had a problem. When we make a mistake we must not be afraid to face it and say sorry, don’t make excuses, excuses makes things worse or sometimes it does not help. When a problem comes up we must find a way to solve it. I personally believe that all problems have a solution and the solution is just lying there.




27 Oct

Its 6am in the morning the sun is shining bright and there’s a clear sky.

Its 4pm in the afternoon weather is not too hot and it’s a clear windy afternoon.

               These are the things I check every time I want to jog or run outdoors. I’m a very active person, I love the outdoors, because we see more nature outdoors than indoors. I jog outdoors for many reasons, I jog outdoors because it is my way to cope with stress, and it keeps me healthy. I find jogging outdoors is the best way to be stress free, for me it works 100%, I also jog because its less boring when I see other people jog I feel like I have mates who jog with me, and it is less boring because I see cars moving around, people skateboarding, the trees sways with the wind, for me these are one of the things that keep me relaxed and makes me sleep faster.


I have tried many ways to relieve my stress like eating ice creams, comfort food and others but jogging is like the most effective. I like jogging when it is windy, sunny, when it’s not too hot and sometimes when it’s really cold. Sometimes when I’m out of the country I would try to find a time where I get to jog around the park or beside the river. One thing I really want to do is to enter a marathon I usually jog but I have never entered a marathon I’m looking forward that I will be able to join one soon.

              You don’t have to jog if you feel it is boring you could hop, run tiptoe or even just walk around.

               Studies shows that jogging relieves stress because when you jog you pump more endorphin which keep you happy, it improves you’re mood like you’ll be more calm and relaxed and it keeps you healthy.


Try jogging if you are stressed it might work and you will be happy like this man above.

My Eurotrip

25 Oct

I love to travel, I travel a lot with my parents and younger sister, and we go out of the country every Christmas break. We visit different countries every year, learning about their culture, eating their food, and when travelling to different places you get to meet new people. I believe that we should travel and learn about other people because we will get to experience a different surrounding, learn about people and we get to explore, it also opens our mind.

Last Christmas break I went on a Euro tour it was worth it, even if the flight was long. I’ve always been fascinated by building and structures, I find that European architecture have one of the best designs. The big pillars that support monuments, and those massive structures and theatre they build.

We visited Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Switzerland, and Venice.


In Paris you should visit of course the Eiffel tower! The Eiffel tower was built during the world expo, it’s now a radio tower and every night around 7 pm there is a light show were the tower sparkles


Amsterdam is famous for its red light district but what struck me the most is that there house are built crooked this is due to the lack of space and every house has a pulley which is used to transport materials and furniture’s to the house.

The Colosseum is a famous site it is where the gladiator fights to their death.


In Switzerland, we went to the Alps it was my first time to see an entire place filled with snow, it was really spectacular. I was surprised to find that there was Wi-Fi even in the highest Alps.


In Venice we rode the gondola into the canals, it was a very relaxing ride and you see beautiful bridges. We went there during New Year’s Eve the city centre was filled with people; we saw a clock tower which has really nice carvings.


This is my Eurotrip haha