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30 Oct

Stress- traffic, having a lot of project, or maybe problems. 

Do you still remember the first day of college, wherein  all our professors instructed us on what students should do or maintain as soon as they reached college, and to be honest, it was somehow stressful. It was because it is a part of being college but the sense that it is hard for us to adjust from being a high school student to being a college student example: you have a lot of time to play and to go out with out having the consequence on having a low grade and projects are given by teachers on a different date.not like at college where you have no time to play or go out and when it comes to being serious on projects.  different subjects with different projects but to be submitted on a same date, really a big change isn’t it?


Same as the adjustment that we need from being a college to the time where we are working seriously, I remember the example that was given to us that;  different companies gives each employee days or free days where they can relax, unwind and put all the stress aside that they got from stress at the work field. That wwas true and has a lot of advantages for them. And Of course  for us college students there is also stress but not like the tress that we will have at the work field, and that is why  we also have the “Sem break”


“burn out”

–  a stage that means once you are in it, you must have a lot of stress in your mind. 

We can truly say that we can somehow be on the “close to burnout” a stage before the burnout. Its simply means we have a lot of stress that we need to loose.  We can go to the beach or spend time watching movies at home. I am sure that after the vacation, you’ll have less stress and we should remember that we cannot prevent stress especially now because we are working and some of us are still adjusting .that shows that stress cannot be prevented by us  but at least we need to handle them, release them out to prevent ”burnout”. 

That is a lesson wherein we are finding ways to release stress or manage it somehow. but for me once a have it, all i do is call my fiends and ask them if we can all go out, maybe  to watch movies or drink or play basketball and i can say that it is really effective. try it!



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