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27 Oct

Second hand smoke


“Smoking is harmful to your health” – this is our common warnings on tobacco packaging. However, no one told us that “secondhand smoke” is also harmful to health. In public toilets, in shopping malls, and even in their own homes, as long as it was smoking, and ultimately, someone “SHS”

I believe we have such experience ,when we enjoy the food at the restaurant, stay at the air con room, waiting for someone, or hang around in the scenic, you often encounter secondhand smoke? When you smell the pungent odor will be turned away silently endure, exposed one of disgust in the hope of causing “ashamed” of smokers, or decisive intercepted?

Actually I’m experience this everyday and night, cause my father and my two brothers are smokers, especially my father and his friends they are big smoker, when they are talking, they always need to have a lot of cigarette, so person beside them will take a lot of secondhand smoke especially me. But it is hard to the people who addicted to the smoke and you want them to immediately stop

The smoke is a invisible killer of our health, Each year has been about more than 10 million people died due to exposure to secondhand smoke, according to a study estimates, China’s existing population, 1.9 million non-smokers will die due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by passive smoking, 75% of the factors in lung cancer patients last traced back to smoking. Every person has “oncogene“, this gene makes embryonic able to grow, but the work should be stopped at the appropriate time, it is easy to get cancer, smoking can make this gene beginning again lead to cancer. Poignant, the experts found that suck the dangers of “passive smoking” is almost equivalent to smoking. “passive smoking” harm can not be ignored, non-smokers and smokers with life or work day, the smell of smoke, a quarter of an hour, the time reached harm more than one year is equivalent to smoking.
SHS has a pungent odor, which is contained therein pyridine generated, but more importantly, it also contains various harmful substances generated by burning tobacco. And its like direct smoking, secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Pregnant women exposure to second-hand smoke will affect their own health, but also increase the risk of stillbirth, congenital malformations children and low-birth-weight children.

Passive smoking is more dangerous than previously known to the outside world, the number of women living with smokers, the chances of suffering from lung cancer than average more than six-fold. So in the easy way to understand is that once the smoker is take one cigarette is equivalent the non-smoker take 6 cigarette, it is 1:6 proportion. Health Organization (WHO), the non-smokers from exposure to tobacco smoke and the number of deaths each year more than 600,000, which accounted for about one-third of children.

There are a lot of things, people are accustomed to blindly follow, this does not do any good. To scientifically look at anything around us, not because of something bad you can give up the principle of seeking truth from facts and the scientific method, to the unjustified to rambling recover and misleading social.We should vigorously promote scientific justification of the health hazards of smoking, but do not exaggerate unscientific, this is truly socially responsible is also in charge of the next generation, the next generation of health may be decided in a small action