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Be careful Ladies – Hong, Hyun Jae (Jessica Hong)

25 Oct

This is a story about a girl.

While at the funeral of her own mother, she met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much the dream guy that she was searching for that she fell in love with him immediately. However, she never asked for his name or number and afterward could not find anyone who knew who he was. A few days later the girl killed her own sister.

  • Question: Why did she kill her sister?

First, find your own answer to this question.

Then, check out below for the answer.



Answer: She reasoned that if the guy appeared at her mother’s funeral, then he might appear another family funeral.

If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer.

We have all heard these phrases before. ‘Violent psychopath’, ‘Psychopathic serial killer’, or ‘Psychopathic murderer’. It is hard to spot psychopaths because their disposition or temperament is usually potential. It occurs through some terrible crimes rarely. Not every psychopath commits a crime such as the serial murder incidents. In fact, there is a high possibility that they become successful because they are men of high intellectual power to make a plan for crime. First and foremost, they are very sensitive in terms of their emotion and pain. However, they can’t come into close relation with other people because they don’t feel sympathy for others. And they can do everything in order to meet their needs.

The reason why I wrote about psychopaths is because I was shocked by recent news from Korea.  It is called “Na-Ju accident” because it happened in Naju, a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea.

A 7-years-old student was kidnapped and raped by an adult, 23 years old named Ko-Jong-Seok. She was sleeping at that time. According to her mom’s statement, the kid was disappeared with a blanket together around 7 a.m. She was found around 1 p.m. nearby a river-side road, which is 130 m away from her house. At that time, she was wet and shivering with cold and with nothing on. Her large intestine was ruptured. She underwent an emergency surgery.

This was really shocking to everyone. I am scared because my little sister is 6 years old. After watching this news, I called my mom and explicitly requested to watch out her. There are many things that I am proud of my country but nowadays, South Korea is well-known for bad things such as high rate of divorce, rape or sexual abuse and so on. Sometimes, I feel it is better to live abroad rather than living in my country. Maybe it is because I am a girl so I might be more sensitive.

“Hey Ladies, Be careful, there are many scary people!”


Psychological reasons college students commit suicide

25 Oct


According to “China Daily” reported that suicide has become 20 years old 35 years old the first cause of death. The first half of this year, Beijing Union University School of Information status of a student suicide on college students to investigate, he was in Beijing Union University, Foreign Trade University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Beijing University of Chemical Technology issued 200 questionnaires. Survey: 26% of the students had had suicidal thoughts. “China Youth Daily”, a survey showed that 14% of college students with depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms 17%, 12% of the present hostility.Image

Psychologists have found that a lot of people suffer from psychological problems are inseparable from the family doting. Always feel their own way to go very smoothly, without any major setbacks, With problems will like to escape, no ability to solve problems and even have no idea to solve the problem, just blindly into a dead-end. Example, broke up with her boyfriend, they will think that they make mistake, how could he do this to me, and do not think about their own mistakes in this relationship. In fact, this problem onto others practice, particularly vulnerable people take things too hard, or extreme idea to make extreme things. There is no sense of responsibility, a lot of college students motionless on suicide, Do they have not thought about the parents. The upbringing for parents, how will repay, joking casually took his own life.

analysis, according to experts, a major factor in rising suicide rate among college students can be grouped into the following five reasons: failure crisis intervention center in Nanjing survey, college students love failure causes of suicide, accounting for 44.2%.

2.mental illness Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center study shows that the first cause of suicide is a serious incentive depression, especially our young people with a university degree in depression among patients with a high percentage of possession. young people lack experience in dealing with difficulties, prone to depression and thus lead to more serious psychological crisis. reasons China has 70% of parents failure of education, of which 30% is too much protection, 30% is too much supervision, 10% are severely punished, beaten traditional style. These educational methods failed to bring the result is the ability to withstand setbacks and poor young people, poor ability to adapt. In addition, the 1980s are mostly born child, mental capacity is relatively weak, lack of social responsibility and awareness of the values ​​of life, frustration may take extreme actions. pressure current community college students on the evaluation and treatment status had deteriorated in all, plus the market economy competitive pressure, so that the students find work on the deep anxiety, and inferiority complex.

4. Fragile mental endurance

Today’s competitive society, many students work hard studying, in order to find a job, but more and not have the courage to face the unknown future, a little problem on the left a suicide note. Focus only on learning at the same time, all sectors of society while ignoring the characteristics of a good psychological education students, many students showed a lack of social experience, dependence, mental endurance, a little on a life of extreme road of setbacks. School teachers, parents, in addition to concern for student achievement, but also to observe the change of students’ psychological moment to grasp their psychological dynamics, their psychological adjustment, the best multi-use point of life experience to hone their will, stout their nerves.


In addition, school is a lot of pressure, especially in terms of graduate or doctoral hard read for many years, but will not get results, the face of the boring academic research, it is easy to embark on extreme all day. Schools should provide some platform for the students, such as clubs or other groups, recreation, relaxation activities, so that students can have more opportunities to get to know new friends, exchange and talk to, this is not easy to go extreme

Start with the psychological needs of young people, more communication, more understanding, so that the children can have more feeling of “equality”. Accused less praise and encourage more, not the sole criterion to judge the child’s learning as the sole criterion, but do not let the child feel achievements is the judge of their own value.