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27 Oct



haven’t you heard a song “Black Sunday” ? that is One of the world’s top ten forbidden song, also known as “gloomy Sunday”which was born in France in 1932. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1945, because in 13 years of existence of this song, heard of people who have committed suicide, actually hundreds! Suicide left a suicide note to say that suicide is because they can not endure immense melancholy. Here there are numerous artists such as guitar, piano playing resigned song from this closure hand. Deep repentance of his death, he did not think this song will kill so many people, so European countries join forces to ruin the song.


It is by the Hungarian composer – Rezso Seress,He is Jewish descendants. Short stature, but the man has a sense of humor, before he write this song ,when he got into a tiff with his fiancee, the day just is Sunday, Seress stay in his apartment, sitting in front of the piano, looked very sad gazing at the sky of Paris.
Gray sky covered with clouds, followed by rain was coming down, looked at this case Seress muttering: “It’s a gloomy Sunday.” Suddenly, his inspiration all came back, his fingers began piano play, and 30 minutes later, he completed the “Gloomy Sunday” .

Now the one that we heard in the website are changing the scores, that is not real version, It is said that the last full version now kept locked in the safe of a music college in Ohio, USA. and forever sealed. Said that in China, it was also the song short, but never played


This song caused more than 100 suicide song was known as the “devil’s love letter, at least 100 people committed suicide after listening to it on the motives of the composer himself creative song with psychoanalysts and psychologists also You can not give a satisfactory explanation. Let’s take a look at the following two stories:

The first case suicide is happened in a one of a British officer, he stay home alone to rest quietly, inadvertently began to listen to the postman to send over the turntables, “Black Sunday”when he heard the song, his soul has been a very strong stimulus, the mood could not calm down. Soon, he took out the pistol, the end of their lives, gunfire sounded at the same time, is also working to lay the song “Black Sunday”, which is what he left only death clues.

A young man request orchestra to perform “Gloomy Sunday”, after he returned home that night, complained about the melody constantly lingering in his mind, and then end his own life with a revolver.

There are more events because this song suicide,Those who commit suicide, is not so much a song cause suicide might as well say, is some of their own problems, but this song a point touched him, causing him to make such a decision. I’m difficult to believe that a person just because a song to commit suicide, because in fact a lot of social problems, or heart problems generated blame, this is a tradition, but this is an unreasonable traditional, you can often see in the West-to see the newspaper, and so because to hear a song on homicide, suicide, which is very strange.


But when the first time I heard this song, I was feel a little bit sad, Listened to think it is somewhat bleak mood. This is the phenomenon of psychology, for example, there is a bread, hungry out of sight, when hungry can be seen everywhere, selective attention, he would choose a sad thing in music noticed lives Orders His sad phenomenon, this phenomenon was caused by selective attention is required. Think about the story of “the emperor’s new clothes” the logic is the same。

That song attracted so many non-controversial, people excitedly talking about 71 years. In fact, to listen it or not it’s all about your freedom,what you feel is your own business . but I want to said that a person like art, then you will miserable, because a good art works, you do not have, your heart kind of sustained tension can not be released, that have to occupy it every day to see it before. If you like music you would be too happy, because the each song favorite music played done, all you acquire is full of completely satisfied.