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Keep it REAL… Keep it HIGH! (©kattdepersia)

26 Oct

To start off… Let me ask you some questions, what do you think motivates you to do your best when it comes to your chosen career?Is there any time where in you feel like giving up? Well whatever your answer is, I can say that we have the same answer!

We all have our own motivations so that we could excel in our chosen career paths; to have better credentials and to have something to be proud of in the near future because we already achieved what we wanted since the very beginning. All of us experienced struggles as well while we are still in the road to success with our motivations. Sometimes, we cannot control circumstance. Things fall apart at some certain point, motivations as well and sometimes we have to shift roads in order to still be in track, to keep driven and stay strong with what we believe we can achieve.

Staying motivated is a scuffle. Our drive is continuously assailed by negative thoughts and apprehensions about the future. Each and every one of us faces uncertainties and depression at certain times. What separates the highly successful is the ability to keep moving forward and to keep our heads high as much as possible.

There are three motivation killers and those are lack of confidence, focus and direction and I believe that there will always be no simple solution for these kinds of motivation killers. Even after walloping it, the problem recurs at the first sign of failure. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly give up, instead think of it this way that the key is understanding your thoughts and how they drive your emotions. By learning how to cultivate motivating thoughts, neutralize negative ones, and focus on the task at hand, you can pull yourself out of a slump before it gains momentum.

For you to further understand what I mean, I will share you an experience of mine in my CA202 subject this semester. As we all know, Chef See is the God of Culinary Arts in Enderun.

In our subject, usually chefs rotate labs after 6 weeks. So what happened was he was our last Lab Chef for the last 6 week of this semester. All of us were scared because we’re talking about perfection and excellence when you are in his class. He wants all of us to aim high and to do our jobs with perfection. One lab class before our finals, while he was debriefing us, he shared an email conversation of him and one upper student who is currently in his internship in Paris. At first we don’t get it why he was saying all of those things in our debriefing. But as he moved towards the end, we all understood what he was pointing out. That no matter what happens; you have to stay focused and don’t lose hope even though everything falls apart. Even though those things are not going in its place, you have to make them your motivation to do better regardless if it is in a good way or bad with your chosen career because eventually, those things will make you one of the greatest beyond expectation. 


Personally, that made me motivated to strive more in order to reach my dreams, my goals. I never expected that Chef See would say that to us. I never did. But when he said that to us, he motivated not just me, but also everyone in my lab class, and of course it all gave us the drive to aim high.

To conclude this, when my motivation twitches to disappear, I recuperate path by making a plan that contains two positive actions. One is that it should be a small task you’ve been meaning and willing to do, while the second one is that it should be a long-term goal. As for me, I instantly do the smaller task.

This creates a positive momentum. After that, of course I take the first step towards achieving the long-term goal I have agreed upon to myself. Doing this every so often is boundless for getting out of a slump, creating positive reinforcement, and getting your long-term plans moving.

It is inescapable that you will come across periods of low energy, bad luck, and even the occasional failure. If you don’t discipline your mind, these minor speed bumps can turn into mental monsters. By being on guard against the motivation killers, you can preserve your motivation and drive yourself to success.



24 Oct

An alley-oop is a kind of play in basketball when one player makes a pass in the air to his teammate and the teammate catches the ball and finishes at the rim. This play is one of the most spectacular parts of basketball or in my opinion is even one of the most exciting and magnificent plays to watch in all of sports. An alley-oop is basically one player assisting his teammate to score by finding him open, near the basket.

Lakers new center Dwight Howard dunks an ally-oop pass from Kobe Bryant!!!

I started playing basketball pretty late, when I was around 11 or 12 but I can say that even if I just play this sport for recreation it has made a big impact on my life. I feel that basketball is like my alley-oop in life since it helps me relieve my stress and tension and I also feel like it taught me a lot of values and helped me meet a lot of new people who eventually became my friends and people I can rely on.

I was never the sporty or athletic kind of person and when I was a kid I would be more of the bum at home, play video games, and eat junk foods kind of guy. I was rather fat and unhealthy with a low self-confidence. Eventually I felt this needed to change and with the influence of some friends as well I started getting into sports mainly basketball, I would often play in the village, school and random games organized among friends. Although I would play for just recreation it kind of changed me, It helped me mingle and meet new people through common liking and this was something great for me since I was very shy when I was young.  Through countless hours of playing I made a lot of friends since it is a team sport and you do need to have good chemistry with your teammates in order to win. It helped me socialize and learn how to go outside of the box I kept myself in. Another reason why I would say basketball helped me become a better person is because I learned to work with others, I am stubborn, and headstrong but in life you must be able to work with others since it will always throw you in situations where you will need to adjust around other people. This sport taught me how to work and adjust when I’m with different kinds of people. Aside from people skills and all that it made me more fit which was great for me since being fit would definitely boost any person’s self-confidence and it’s great to live a healthy life style. Whenever there is something bothering me or I am stressed about something  I look forward to playing basketball since this is my way of relieving all the stress and tension, As it has been proven and I have learned in the semester, Exercise is the one of the best way to deal with stress and for me this is the best way possible because when I’m on the court may it be just alone shooting around I feel at peace, I can focus and just forget the nonsense around me and divert my mind to something I enjoy doing.

            I am thankful and glad I got into this sport because it changed me and made me a better person all around. I learned values such as teamwork, camaraderie, believing in yourself or confidence and it also helped me balance my life by motivating me to stop being a couch potato and exercise and also relieve my stress. Basketball was and is my alley-oop to becoming a better person in life, It assisted me just like how one one player would assist his teammate to an easy bucket by finding him in the air for an alley-oop.