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Stress-free? keep on coming. (©kattdepersia)

26 Oct

Hello! Before you read my blog, I want you to listen to this one to keep your good and chill vibes as you go through my post  🙂 

Everyone knows that working is stressful and probably the number one source of worry in life, especially with the current state of things. Economic downturn anyone? Remember that learning to prioritize your deadlines and work load can drastically relieve some pressure. Cognitive behavioural therapy is also a viable treatment for work stress as it solves problems concerning negative emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns using a goal-oriented process. There are also other ways wherein we can relief stress. As for me, eating and shopping are my major stress relievers. I am sure that most of you would agree to me. 

As a culinary arts student, I almost know what the best foods available in town are. Usually, whenever I feel stressed or after being stressed, I eat out with my friends and try foods or eat foods which are very mouth-watering in some sorts. Together with my friends, we even tend to go to food places which are far from us but we know it’ll be worth it. And it does! To be honest, eating really helps relieving my stress. It makes you forget all the negative vibes you were encountering in school and it makes me happy. Though sometimes, I know I go beyond my limits and like they say, too much of everything is bad. So whenever I go beyond, I stop and find or do something that can also remove or relief my stress.

That is when I go shopping. It is in the nature of girls whenever they feel sad or stressed out, they usually go around the mall and update themselves on what is in today. I am one of them! Shopping really relieves your stress too because it makes us appreciate things in life which can lead to more satisfaction and happiness. It takes away your mind off to things and you will just feel that you are in a state of being characterized by being fully present in the ‘now’, without trying to make anything different. Mindfulness is the word! Mindfulness actually takes some practice for most people, but brings wonderful benefits as well.

For you to further understand, I would like to tell you about positive psychology on what else will you feel when you apply positivity to relief your stress. Positive Psychology has so far identified several positive emotional states that can contribute to greater emotional resilience, health and fulfilment.

First is GRATITUDE, you’ll must learn how to appreciate what life has to offer. Whether it may lead you to satisfaction or happiness. Getting what you want and wanting what you have can lead you to feel gratitude. Next is OPTIMISM, We tend to have a natural tendency toward optimism or pessimism, but that’s just part of our potential. We can work on developing more of a tendency toward optimism if we choose to take that path. And, given that optimists see many benefits in life; this is something to worth having when you want to relief your stress. You see what you must value. The third one is FLOW, Losing track of time when you’re absorbed in fulfilling work or another engaging activity, ‘flow’ is a familiar state for most of us. And most of us don’t get enough of it! But it has also benefits where in it also takes out mind of to things which enable us to be relaxed and to internalize so that whenever we need to go back to our work, we are on the right track! The fourth one is MINDFULNESS which I said in the earlier part of my post. It is a feeling wherein we feel a state of being characterized by being fully present in the ‘now’, without trying to make anything different, mindfulness actually takes some time though you will learn to appreciate the benefits it bring when you already know how to feel that way. Last but not the least to positive emotional states is SPIRITUALITY. Whatever the path, a focus on spirituality can lead to a greater sense of meaning in life, as well as greater flexibility in the face of stress. It definitely can make you feel fresh and renewed afterwards.

So whenever you plan to eat and shop just to relieve your stress, don’t go overboard. Just intake and go what you think is enough just to suffice everything you want, to remove your stress from the bits of hard work you are encountering in school or in work. Check also if you already achieved or felt the five positive emotional states you should feel to relief the stress you are currently encountering. let also your friends make you happy! They also take part for you to relief your stress from school or work.

Stress is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to take over every waking moment. Learning to deal with stress using psychological techniques, eating, shopping, and name more can definitely lead you out to stress-free life. You have to be happy with what you are doing! 🙂



Hey… Weight!

25 Oct

We all have our insecurities whether we like it or not. I know and I’ve been told a couple of times before, that we all should accept what’s been given to us, because we were made imperfect beings for a reason—for us to have our own unique identity. So why then do we feel insecure?

I’ve been very conscious of my body ever since I could remember. I’ve always hoped to be skinny. I really really want to be thin, but the thing is, I also realllllly love to eat! I began to tell myself to diet ever since I was 12, and guess what, until now I still tell myself I will start dieting tomorrow. I really just can’t give up food. I can’t give up eating.


People tell me I’m not fat. If I’m not fat, how come I feel fat? If only there’s a way to lose weight without having to go to the gym or without having to give up French fries! I probably would’ve done that by now. I really can’t imagine living life being unable to eat whatever it is that I want.Image

I guess it’s just really normal for people to focus and see more of the negative than the positive features they have. I really must admit that there are times when I really get frustrated with how I look, to the extent that I want to break down, stop eating and hurt myself. It’s crazy, I know. I think the reason why I feel so conscious with my figure is because my siblings are all obese. All my life they were twice or even thrice my size which I guess is why I really don’t want to be obese.  I mean, don’t get me wrong though, it’s not that I hate people who are obese, as a matter of fact, I love my siblings and I believe that being obese or skinny is just a matter of choice.



For me, I want to be skinny because I love fashion, and I love to be able to wear everything that I want. Because right now, it frustrates me whenever there are tops that I like but I can’t wear because they’re sleeveless tops and I don’t wear sleeveless tops because my arms are fat. This is why I always resort to cardigans whenever I’m wearing tops which expose my arms.

I want to start working out, but then again, I know I’ll never be able to go through with it. I really can’t help but wonder when I’ll be able to wear the tops I love to wear without being so conscious in them. Will that time ever come? Will I ever be thin? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!