The Thing That Pushes you to do IT!

27 Nov

Why are you motivated? What motivates you? Who motivates you?

My blogs was supposed to be done last semester but my laziness got the better of me. I lacked MOTIVATION.

First, what is motivation? According to Wikipedia, it a psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviors.

As I was saying earlier, I was supposed to do my blogs last semester but I got lazy so I got an INC for my Psychology grade.

When my parents want to see my grades, I was afraid at first because of the thought that my dad would want me to stop training and playing for the school’s futsal team, and I showed it to them. I showed it to them a few days after the semester started. My mom was the first to know then dad overheard when me and my mom was talking. Before my dad knew about it, I told him that we, the futsal team, were going to Naga for the championships after winning fiesta that we joined in Las Pinas. Going back to my story, my dad overheard us and he talked to me about it. He made me a deal that if I want to go to Naga, I should complete my INC. The thought of not going to Naga was my main motivation to these blogs. I just had to be honest sir. Sorry!

But their were other motivations in my life right now and before. My motivation now until my time comes is to be richer than my dad in the future, so I can provide more for my family and send my children to great schools like Ateneo high school, La Salle Greenhills, and Enderun.

I also dreamed of becoming a professional football player and become the best player in the history of world football. I want to play for my favorite teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid. But I guess it’s too late for me to play for them. But I just need to train well in our practices and hoping that I can play for the national team.

Right now, my “long term” motivation is to be more well-off than my dad. That’s it. Thank you!


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