27 Nov

How long have you been smoking? A year? A month? When did you start? I don’t know.

I first started smoking when I was in my senior year. After the Christmas party in school, we went to play laser tag, and all. We decided to sleep over at our friend’s house; since, his parents weren’t home,we went to the park and we decided to buy some drinks, chips, and cigarettes along the way. There my friends were smoking, then out of curiosity, I tried it and I felt guilty of what I’m doing to myself but I was like “It’s okay!”

Then came the next day, I totally forgot about the game we had that day. I went home immediately, packed my stuff, and went to the game. As the game was starting, I had a hard time catching my breath then I was subbed out. My parents didn’t know about my smoking habits until the opening day of the NCAA Season. I went home, forgot to fix my stuff, and went to sleep because I wasn’t feeling well. My mom fixed my stuff and she found a half pack of cigarettes in my bag. She told me about it and, yes, she spoke about it with my dad. My parents talked to me and told me to not get addicted to it because I had a history of Asthma, which I got from my dad’s side.

Before graduating, I seldom smoked then college. I took summer classes and every time we had a break I smoked with my classmates then the regular semester started. I have been buying cigarettes ever since. I smoked after classes, in my bathroom, malls, and the nearby sari-sari store, even in my house! Well, of course, I smoked when my parents aren’t around or when they are sleeping heavily.

One Sunday night, I smoked in my bathroom then went downstairs to watch late night football matches. All of a sudden, I felt nauseous. I puked then I looked at it and found that it was red. I was scared because I thought it was blood. Then I remembered, I drank Sting, the red one, earlier that day. I was relieved. Out of fear, I threw away my pack, even though it has a few sticks left. After that event, I tried to quit smoking but I just can’t; so now, I have been moderating my smoking habits, from 2 sticks a day to 1-2 stick per week.

I now learned my lesson. I always put what my parents told about it. Yes, it’s okay for them if I smoke but I should moderate it or best if I stop. That’s all. Thank you!


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