1 Nov

what is it? hmm? Hypertension is just another word for high blood pressure.

Diuretics are used when one is experiencing an excess presence of water within the body, where these medications flush this out by increasing   urine amounts in the body.Also known as water tablets, these medications are helpful when getting rid of water deposits that remain within the body, and that haven’t been filtered out. It helps combat against heart failure; due to a lot of water present in the tissues, these slows the flow of blood successively through the body. It helps patients who have high blood pressure as well.



how can we have this? 

it is basically hereditary or from your lifestyle. let me give you some examples:

it may be from the genes of your parents and also from the food you are eating daily, stress maybe one of the reasons and lack of sleep. 

How can we prevent it?

we can prevent it by simply changing our lifestyle starting from eating more vegetables and fruits like ampalaya and onions for sauting,  and lessen our intake of fatty and high cholesterol foods like: pork, chicharon, balot and many more. another answer is we should also lessen salty foods because one of the factor of hypertension is the increase of sodium in our body.And last one, we should atleast have 8 hours of sleep and avoid stress if possible always be happy and smile. 


the reason i made this blog is because one of my friend is also suffering from hypertension even though he is still young at the age of 18. also it is our vacation and i know that we are really not aware of what we can get by eating what we want mostly and ofcourse staying late at night, i made this to aware all of you and especially us college students around. 

I hope that you learned something after reading my blog and change whatever bad habbit or unnecessary things you do. And from now on, be a model to your siblings or your friends to have a healthy lifestyle because i can see from my friend that it is really hard having that hypertension.



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