Aside 1 Nov

Alcohol Drinking

since it is our semestral break, what do you do guy’s? i am sure that drinking is a part. (Alcohol drinking) was invented in the 300 bc in india, it was said to be relaxing and it helps us relax. just for example. after a long and tiring day, it is really fun to grab a beer and talk with friends, also drinking is also a good pastime and a very good way of bonding with friends. and if you really want to get drunk and be wild. go to the nearest store (7eleven) buy vodka etc. and call friends. really simple isnt it. that is the proof that alcohol is really good but  Some are saying that it is a advantage, . But what do you think is the real answer? Is it harmful for us? 


Based on the studies and researches, excessive amount of alcohol  may lead to critical diseases and the worst is  death, there are also stages wherein you can identify whether you should stop or to know your limit in drinking.  But the sure thing is that when we drink a lot. We destroy our liver without even knowing it because we are having fun. i am not trying to stop you guys from drinking but since it has been a part of our lives, why don’t you take a look at this picture below and see for yourself. i also want you to ask yourself a 2 questions. first is should i stop?

second is should i lessen my intake of alcohol?


i am now sure that you’ve already came up with a answer, and atleast now, you are aware of what alcohol can bring us. all i can say is that alcohol beverages or drinking has been a part or tradition and we cannot remove it from the interest of us just because of its harmful effects, what we can do is to control it, instead of going home wasted, i am sure that it is better to go home just tipsy. where you know what you’re doing and you are still aware. in that case, you can be sure that you can prevent those harmful effects of alcoholic drinks.


i can say that this picture at the top is the best answer for the 2 questions i gave you. you dont have to stop or to stay away while your friends are drinking so that you cant be tempted but at least look at the picture, that is it. 




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