Stressed or Relaxed or Both?

27 Oct

                Friends—the reason why almost all of us still has a reason to keep going on. Can you imagine living your life without your best friend? Do you think you’ll have the same attitude, memories, and life if you’ve never met your best friend? I don’t.


                I have lived my whole teenage life with parents who belonged to a whole different generation than I belong to. It was really hard for me to make friends or go to parties, get-togethers, night-outs, and whatnots because my parents won’t allow me to go out. I guess they just don’t realize the importance of those night-outs and “group-studies”. Thankfully though, now that I have the freedom that I truly deserve, I can already do whatever I want because the (KJ- Kill Joy) parents are far from me while I’m studying in Manila.


                It’s not that I’m becoming wild or whatever just because I’m far from my family, it’s just that now, I can finally go out with my friends and go home late! Trust me when I tell you I’ve never passed out in Manila because I was drunk and I definitely have no intentions to experience such an embarrassing moment. I guess I just really know my limits. I guess it’s also because I have this fear of getting drunk because I have a brother who drinks so much and gets into trouble most of the time. Luckt for me, I loathe getting into trouble. I just really want to have fun, and going out with my friends is my stress-reliever—no need for alcohol or whatnot, just plain hanging out with friends.


                I’m pretty sure a lot will agree with me that once you’re in college, you’ll definitely experience stress whether you like it or not. If you haven’t experienced stress, well then, one thing’s for sure, you aren’t exerting effort in your studies. Or, you aren’t in college at all! Stress is everywhere in college! I like to make it as a measure for me to know whether I’m doing something or not, because I know that I only get stressed whenever I’m focused on my studies and whenever I’m putting all my time and effort for school. So whenever I feel so relaxed, I know what that means! I really wouldn’t want to be relaxed because I’m pretty sure, my parents won’t feel very relaxed once they see my grades if I just chill and be a bum at school.


                I feel very lucky to have amazing friends who makes me a much better person and a much better Tagalog speaker. J I remember them laughing at me whenever I say words with Bisaya accent which I don’t notice until they…laugh at me. Title to TITOL—just one of the very many words that has made me blush here in Manila. Even though they laugh at me whenever I commit accent mistakes, I know deep inside they love me. That’s why I love my friends! They’re the reason why I don’t have food whenever we eat out, empty phone batteries, full camera memory cards, a lot of photos on my phone and laptop, and most of all, why I feel very relaxed even when I’m very stressed. Why settle for one, when you can have the best of both worlds? 🙂 Stressed while being relaxed. Now who wouldn’t want to have that?



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