Prejudism against us? good or bad by: Dave Pajela

27 Oct

I have a friend in Saudi Arabia and his father is a bank manager for the past 2 years, his father worked at the Sabb or the Saudi british bank. one day he came to class sad and i asked him why? he replied ” my dad’s been fired because of the “Saudization”; a law wherein companies that are based in the country should not have a manager or a high positions with different nationalities. for me, it shows that they dont trust us and they are trying to tell us that we cannot manage high positions and during that moment i want to prove them wrong, but how? i am just studying and i have no work, one day he informed me that his father was back in his job and i asked him ” akala ko ba wala na trabaho dad mo?” he said it was a conflict, some people are just jealous because all of the banks here in this country is managed by filipinos. that shows that filipino are truly the best in terms of managing and hospitality. Image

inspiring right? thank you for reading my blog, 

Dave Pajela


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