Aside 27 Oct

A healthy relationship

Most of us have or had relationships, relationships have ups and down sometime you will fight or argue or sometimes you break up.

I think important factors that make a healthy relationship are communication, time, forgiveness and care. I think these are important ones because they keep the relationship last and healthy. 

Communication is important because when we communicate we understand each other more, and you will get to know more about each other, communication comes in many forms from mail to email, now communication is very accessible with so much technology, it is made easy. Starting a conversation isn’t that hard start with a hi or hello or be random then from there you guys will communicate.


Time, spending quality time with each other makes the relationship strong and healthy, in other way go bonding, go do activities like go watch a movie, and learn something new or visit places like go travel or tour around. I think that the best way to bond is to learn something new because there is an intimacy and you will be able to help each other and work as a team. I great example would be like planting a tree.


Care when you care for your partner your partner will care for you it’s the golden rule and when you care for each you will love each other more. 


We are humans we all make mistakes no one is perfect and it is impossible that you never had a problem. When we make a mistake we must not be afraid to face it and say sorry, don’t make excuses, excuses makes things worse or sometimes it does not help. When a problem comes up we must find a way to solve it. I personally believe that all problems have a solution and the solution is just lying there.



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