Video games, effects…

26 Oct


There are many activities that students and even adults nowadays gets hooked on and one of them is games. Playstation, Xbox, Wii and other gadgets releases violent, adventure, mind games and other genres that people will choose and play. Like me, I prefer adventure games, RPG games, sometimes violent, can be mind games but why is it exactly addicting and how can it affect a person’s mind?


There are many genres of video games but I would like to only focus on my favorites, violent, adventure/mind games and RPG. Violent games.. There was a study about how violent games affect our behavior conducted by Brad J. Bushman, Ph.D. Professor of Communication and Psychology, The Ohio State University; Prof. of Communication Science, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in the study they were saying that violent video games really affect the people who are playing it by making them more aggressive, angry etc. but for me, I play violent video games just for fun. It is in the person’s decision if the game will affect the player because as what I’ve said in my past blog about mind over matter, we have the control on what we do and if we let negative auras to fill our mind these games will really have negative effects on people. Mind games/adventure games, I play it. Why? This genre is concerned about puzzles and a like and I play it basically because it widens my imagination about things. Maybe, its effect to me is that it makes me more like childish because as we grow old our imagination lessens and we need a large amount of imagination to play adventure or mind games. Lastly, RPG. This is where most people gets hooked up because its like a long term game and sometimes its online so people can interact with other people. I guess the effect of RPG games to me is that it really makes me addicted to it to the point that I spend all my money and most of my time to it.

I would like to end with a quotation that too much of something is bad. If you will let me choose, is playing video games bad? Well for me no but when a person play video games like it makes it like his life, he/she is like missing a lot. Bonding with family, friends and other people which is also a nice thing to do because it is a real life action and we earn more experience when we do real things rather than playing things like Sims. Sims? Its a game where we create a person and a house for that person and interact with the other “human beings” in the game but it is only a game. Each and every game has its own effect to people. But I guess it is really in the person’s will if he/she will be really affected to it. Like me, I’m a gamer but I know how to control myself in doing things which most of the other gamers should do. We should not accuse games for our own doings because we ourselves have the mind that control what we do.



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