The Tranquil Sound of a Gun

26 Oct

Many people would often consider guns synonymous to violence, war, chaos, etc. I don’t blame them. Since the day I was born I always thought that guns were only used to kill people. Of course, guns were made that way. But if guns are so violent, why did I choose “The Tranquil Sound of a Gun” as my title? Because it can be tranquil of you gave it a chance.  I know some people who have the prejudice that people who are into guns are violent people and are prone to hurting someone. Honestly, I am a sensitive person. So, when I heard this statement coming from him, I was a little bit hurt. I am a person who is into guns but I am not a violent person. And I wanted to prove that to him. I wanted to prove to him that what he thinks about people who love guns are just like any other people. Unfortunately, I can’t at the moment.


Months ago, my father decided to have someone teach me proper gun shooting and I was hooked ever since. Sometimes after my class at Enderun, I would go straight to the firing range and practice my shooting. Shooting acts as my stress reliever so you could say that it gives me happiness, entertainment, whatever you may want to call it. One other that’s good with shooting is that you get to meet a lot of different people and make new friends who are also into guns. Through shooting, I have met an army Sergeant, an army Major, a UP professor who also has one of the best guns I have ever seen, a balik-bayan who is one of the best shooters, I even saw one of my high school classmate. We haven’t seen each other for 3 years. I was also able to help our party-list. Whenever there were shooting competitions, I would go there, meet the organizers. We present ourselves as potential sponsors of the competition. In return, they would have the banner of the party-list hanging at the door and we would also ask for their support. Naturally, shooting can be used for self-defense. As the only son of my parents, they gave me the responsibility to protect our house my sisters, and everyone inside. Shooting gave me the ability and the confidence to do what my parents asked me to do.


I’m still hoping for the time when I will be able to show this person what shooting has done for me and how much fun it can be. I want him to realize that it is not all about violence when it comes to guns and maybe he would allow me to bring his daughter to the firing range. Yes, that person is my girlfriend’s father. He was so mad when he learned that I brought his daughter the firing range. He just doesn’t see the benefits of it. One of our lessons in Psychology was about phobia and we must expose ourselves to our fears in order to get over it. Maybe I could use the same technique to him, I could bring him to a shooting range when he comes back from Germany and maybe change his prejudice about people who like guns.


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