Best memories comes from spontaneous people. (©kattdepersia)

26 Oct

Before you read my blog, I want you to listen to this one to keep your good vibes as you go through my post 🙂

We all have this certain adventures with our family or friends that happen to turn out to be one of the best days in our lives.We tend to think about it over and over again and retell our stories together people around.It is so great how our mind works and how we can store a lot of memories in it.

Our professor tackled about memories to us few weeks back and I can clearly remember that memory comprises both learning and then some kind of recall. We have to store the information first in order to pull it back out of storage for later use. The process of memory can greatly be affected at whichever of the two stages. Those are learning or recall.

In my case, I would like to share a very fun memory that happened last week with my closest college friends. It just so happen that all of us were already done with our CA 202 subject and our Mondays and Thursdays now are filled with long breaks, 7-9 hours to be exact. At first we didn’t know what to do during those long hours of break. We even thought that those long breaks will be that boring… then suddenly, last week Monday while we were having our lunch, we suddenly decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom Thursday same week. We even planned out our car arrangements and such.

It was fun while planning it and seeing my friends too happy and excited. Then come Thursday, after our first class, we immediately prepared and left school. The car ride was so fun. Many individual and significant things were laughed and talked about inside the cars. Everyone felt ecstatic as far as I can remember.

Then when we arrived in Enchanted Kingdom, there were a lot of buses. So that means there are a lot of students went to EK that day for their field trips  So it died down a little the excitement of my buddies but we didn’t let it stand in our way. We remained positive and even called that day our “conquer our fear” day. I was not one of them since I love heights and thrilling rides though I was the one encouraging them. Haha!

Anyway, by the end of the day, those friends of mine who had fears in heights or what not conquered their fears and I bet they were happy with what they have accomplished. We left early because we had to go back to school for our night classes. It was a very memorable day for me because even for a short span of time, we had the chance to bond with each other and enjoy without minding anything else.

I love how spontaneous my circle of friends. I am grateful enough to have them, to have company of friends who have the same interest as mine. Since I entered college, I must say we made a lot of memories together that we could cherish in the near future; that we can recall and laugh about. My long term storage is filled with a lot of memories not just with friends but also with family that I know I can pull off every time I want to talk about it or to remember those good memories I had with them. It is such a good feeling for me.

To conclude based on what our professor has tackled, studies about memories shown that our ability to remember and recall information is extremely powerful. I am thankful enough that I have enough and that I learned about memories in our psychology class. I have a different perspective and approach now when it comes to building memories and how I can remember them. Now I know I have a deeper knowledge about it and that I can now understand what are the reasons behind different chunks of memories.


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