Bad eating habits

26 Oct

There is one problem with food for me in my household, the problem being that when I have absolutely nothing to do I start to just snack on junk food while watching television, basically becoming a couch potato and I try to avoid this by keeping myself busy. But sometimes you just have nothing to do and you just lay around watching some television I just eat over and over again and did is called binge eating meaning that it is mindless eating even tho my body has gotten enough food to keep me throughout the time I still eat because I am distracted by the television and I just gain weight having a slow metabolism unlike others. So I read many articles on the internet how to avoid binge eating but the answers given to me were that you have to eat in an environment without many distractions but in my opinion how can you enjoy the food your eating if you cant pair it with some television. And I love to eat, especially for meriendas. And when I came across an article before, it said that to avoid non-stop binge eating just keep your house junk food free. With this you wont feel the urge to munch on something while watching television because you don’t have anything to munch on. So a way to keep from overeating is also with the mind you have to have a goal set in your mind for example in my case I want to lose my body fat and get lean, so I try to keep myself disciplined enough to avoid the junkfood within the week while accompanied with exercise. But it is alright to have junkfood once in awhile because you have to also enjoy life, you should reward yourself with something you love once in awhile.                   


You are what you eat.




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