Aside 26 Oct

Having a goal is important for me. In basketball I remember my highschool life as to playing basketball everyday even on the weekends and that was the main thing on my mind I get to distracted about basketball that it became an addiction. And as I kept playing during one summer after my third year in highschool my knee started to have a sharp pain on the center. I thought that it was just muscle pain, based on what I was thought to think but the in fact you cant take things like that for granted just thinking its just muscle pain you should have it checked, my mistake was I ignored it for days and I just kept playing basketball without stretching. By the end of the summer I found myself having a hard time walking, especially walking up and down the stairs. I couldn’t even kneel down during mass. And when I decided to have my knee checked up by a sports doctor he told me my injury was patellar tendonitis he told me that my cartilage in my knee has worn out and all he said was to rest my knee but all that happened after resting was no pain on my knee but when I decided to play basketball again it came back slowly and then I realized I needed a goal to fix my knee, I started doing my own version of a knee rehabilitation for muscle strengthening. at the start of my first year in college, so I kept pushing myself during the rehab and when I play basketball I try to not over stress my knee. And in 2 months of rehab my knee hasn’t felt this great in around 2 years and I wont give up on my knee ill keep pushing to maintain it and even make it stronger and the reward of that hard work will pay off and ill still be able to play in a high intensity playing style in basketball.






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