Sports: Is it really a stress reliever?

25 Oct

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1o! Knock out!

Ouch! straight to the heart..

This exactly what I felt when AJ Banal was knocked out by a Thai boxer. Banal was fighting a great fight, but one punch was all it took for the opponent to take the title. It was truly a heart breaking moment.

A week ago, I was thinking of a topic to talk about in this blog. Then suddenly, my cousin asked me if I wanted to watch Pinoy Pride 17. Being the boxing enthusiast that I am, I said yes without any hesitation. This was also my chance to enter the new MOA Arena for the first time. On our way to the event, It hit me, I could use “Sports as a Stress Reliever” as my topic in my blog.  Everybody uses sports as a way to relieve stress. YES! A new topic! As we arrived, I was so happy. I have a new topic, I get to see the MOA Arena, I got to eat delicious burgers, we had great seats, and of course when it came to the fights, there was a lot of knockouts! It was only fun until it got to the more serious bouts. Rey Bautista vs a Mexican boxer named Ruiz. The fight was close, neither one of them wanted to give. It was the first time in the whole event that a bout went the distance. I got nervous and stressed to say the least. Personally, I thought Bautista lost because his punches weren’t really connecting. But nevertheless, I’m glad that they awarded Bautista the belt.


After the Bautista fight, straight to the main event! The fight that’s everyone’s waiting for. It was a world championship bout, a chance for another Filipino to be a world champion boxer. AJ Banal vs Sor Singyu! It was also a chance for Filipinos to get their revenge on this Thai fighter. Considering that he has defeated 16 Filipino boxers. If Banal defeated him, he would not only become a new world champion but he would also be a source of pride for many Filipinos. Then, the bell rang. The fight was great they were both trading punches. Although Banal was connecting with more and clearer punches, his opponent doesn’t seem to feel it. I heard someone say “Ang tigas naman ng mukha nito!” the Thai boxer doesn’t seem to be hurt in any way from all the punches that he received. Round after round Banal was doing great, his movement was great, his punches were connecting, his defense was good, not great, but good, and he had the home court advantage. He had the crowd cheering for him. For me, Banal was ahead on the scorecards, if the fight went to the distance no doubt Banal was going to win. Then, came the 9th round. A punched went through AJ’s defense. He went down but it was ruled as a slipped but he was clearly dizzy. AJ couldn’t recover from the punch. And the rest is history. Banal didn’t become a world champion, he wasn’t able to avenge other Filipinos that his opponent defeated, instead he was the number 17 Filipino that was defeated. After the fight, we went home stressed and low morale.  I couldn’t forget the fight; I think I was stressed the whole time after the fight, even the day after.  We went to their for entertainment but we got disappointment. But then again, it is all part of sports. You win some you lose some. If you are looking for sports as a stress reliever is it better to play it than to cheer for others because the stress might grow on you.


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