My Eurotrip

25 Oct

I love to travel, I travel a lot with my parents and younger sister, and we go out of the country every Christmas break. We visit different countries every year, learning about their culture, eating their food, and when travelling to different places you get to meet new people. I believe that we should travel and learn about other people because we will get to experience a different surrounding, learn about people and we get to explore, it also opens our mind.

Last Christmas break I went on a Euro tour it was worth it, even if the flight was long. I’ve always been fascinated by building and structures, I find that European architecture have one of the best designs. The big pillars that support monuments, and those massive structures and theatre they build.

We visited Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Switzerland, and Venice.


In Paris you should visit of course the Eiffel tower! The Eiffel tower was built during the world expo, it’s now a radio tower and every night around 7 pm there is a light show were the tower sparkles


Amsterdam is famous for its red light district but what struck me the most is that there house are built crooked this is due to the lack of space and every house has a pulley which is used to transport materials and furniture’s to the house.

The Colosseum is a famous site it is where the gladiator fights to their death.


In Switzerland, we went to the Alps it was my first time to see an entire place filled with snow, it was really spectacular. I was surprised to find that there was Wi-Fi even in the highest Alps.


In Venice we rode the gondola into the canals, it was a very relaxing ride and you see beautiful bridges. We went there during New Year’s Eve the city centre was filled with people; we saw a clock tower which has really nice carvings.


This is my Eurotrip haha


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