Mind over matter…

25 Oct


In this generation there are many types of activities that people give time or try out for new experience. New gadgets are invented, people try out extreme sports like weight boarding and especially people nowadays eat a lot and party a lot which makes them drink a lot and be really drunk after.

First I would like to explain what mind over matter is. Mind over matter, some say and relate it to the belief that the mind is more powerful then the body but it more likely is the controlling of ones suffering or pain that he/she is experiencing. But I would like to add and relate to that sentence that each and every painful experience, there will be a reward. I envy guys who have nice body. They go around the beach or pool or anywhere else, flexing and as if their body is like an asset which sometimes makes it easier for them to get hot girls. Me? I eat a lot because I really love eating or because maybe I have a monster in my tummy. Hahaha, I’m just kidding. Being a Filipino and growing up to a family where food is just a snap away is really hard since food here in the Philippines are extra special especially street food. Yum! But as each and everyday comes to an end I always ask myself, why do I eat a lot of food when I can only taste the food when I’m eating and considering that I miss my thin-days life. Diet is one of the hardest things to do in life especially when you don’t have an inspiration. Me, I personally want to be thin again but I am lazy, I consider people’s insult as a joke even though my friends told me that I use it as an inspiration plus I really love eating so I think this is where mind over matter comes in. I jog around after school with my bestfriend/trainer and he will always run more than what I can run because I always get lazy whenever I am tired and because sometimes I can’t breath which leads me to be really lazy and I guess the best way to be in the game is mind over matter. Putting extra effort when jogging will really help boost a person’s stamina. Yes there are energy drinks and food, but it will only give you extra energy. It is in the person’s will on how he/she is going to spend that energy and even though its really hard to run when a person is fat, like me, we should still exert more effort so we can run extra mile/s. Same goes to eating. I know eating feels like heaven to people especially when they are really hungry but we should control our hunger and our food intake because come to think of it, we don’t need to eat many to satisfy our hunger. Eating more will give a person more fats to burn and will give a person a hard time to run so think about it.

Partying! As I’ve said, in this generation many teenagers party like there’s no tomorrow which leads them to having problems. Some have intense hangovers, some girls getting pregnant, some loses their things etc. I know drinking really helps a person party harder but we should learn how to control. Or let’s say when a person is really drunk, he/she can still control some of the movements that they make. Like me, I partied hard last weekend, lost some money and got super drunk. Alcohol gave me a hard time controlling what I am doing which leads to me being wild but after this I controlled myself because the biggest obstacle when a person is drunk is going home because sometimes most of drunk people drive around after partying to get home which causes accidents but look at me, I got home safely and without a scratch because I controlled myself even though I am really drunk. I really don’t believe that a person cannot control what he/she is doing because it is their body and their mind and it is connected to what people are doing. The only thing that hinders them into doing what is right is that they cannot control themselves.

I would like to state a Filipino quotation to end this blog, “nasa huli ang pagsisisi”. People do a lot of things nowadays, sometimes it benefits them but sometimes it leads to a person’s downfall but downfalls will not happen if you know what you are doing and if a person knows the consequences of what they are doing. Always remember, mind over matter. Our mind is connected to our body so we can control the outcome of the things that we do. We do fun things but always think that we should control what we do to have positive results.


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