Marijuana, On The Bright Side

25 Oct

Cannabis, popularly known as Marijuana, are dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant that yield THC and are smoked in cigarettes for their intoxicating effect and for medical use, classified as psychoactive drugs. Known effects of marijuana are distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch), problems with memory and learning, loss of coordination, trouble with thinking and problem-solving, increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure and can also produce anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic.

Noticeably, much cited effects of marijuana are the negative ones. However, they are actually of use in medical practice, in a way. It’s just that, there is a thin line between effective dosage and lethal dosage and it can be that addictive because of the relaxing effect it causes to the user; and inability to resist would lead to irresponsible use. This is the reason why the government does not promote or highlight its positive effects, for they are nothing compared to its long-term results.

Wait. Wait. Before we prejudge marijuana for being a bad medicine, consider the good it brings on our body’s lungs and mind.

Although, it is yet to be known as to how Marijuana can be of positive outcome to the lungs, there is an evidence that points out slight increases in lung air flow rates as well as enhancements in lung volume from occasional marijuana use – positive effects of marijuana many wouldn’t believe. According to the study of Stefan Kertesz:

“. . .at levels of marijuana exposure commonly seen in Americans, occasional marijuana use was associated with increases in lung air flow rates and increases in lung capacity.”

Aside from that, Marijuana may block Alzheimer’s Disease. The scientists first compared the brain tissue of patients who died from Alzheimer’s disease with that of healthy people who had died at a similar age. Researcher Dr Maria de Ceballos said that findings show that cannabinoids work both to prevent inflammation and to protect the brain and may set the stage for their use as a therapeutic approach for Alzheimer’s disease. The research on this effect of the marijuana is not yet fully known for the drug to be used as a prevention of Alzheimer.

Despite being labeled as bad, there is still a positive side we can look at. With proper and responsible use, Marijuana is actually for the good.



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