Laughter Is Better Than Cure

25 Oct

She dumped me. That was the most dreadful day ever as of that moment. And just like every previous heartbreak I had, I longed for friends to join me with a maboteng usapan; with a beer on one hand and my phone on the other to call my friends with whom I knew no heartbreak. Without a doubt and in no time, they came to join me. I have not even said a word, but they have already said the most reassuring line my ears and heart need with their simple, “Okay lang ‘yan. Kung kayo, kayo talaga soon. Wait ka nalang.” Those words were but shallow as they seem, but it lighten up the hurt that overwhelmed my whole being and it started the nonsense talks that followed  afterwards with a whole bunch of laughter, as if nothing happened.

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. I often wondered how, why, etc. But even without knowing the reason behind this, it does seem to be. Laughter may not be able to heal the pain you feel, solve the problems you have at home, be able to let you answer an exam you  haven’t studied, but psychologically, it does let your mindset and disposition be as good as ever. And if you feel good inside, base on the law of attraction, something good will also happen to you, most probably.

Laughter can reduce stress, improve pain tolerance, and correct bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, muscle activity, and stomach acidity. Then and only, it is good for the mind and body, not to mention the healthy disposition it brings you.

A study conducted by cardiologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore found out that people with heart disease are 40% less likely to laugh compared to people of the same age, without heart disease. “We don’t know yet why laughing protects the heart, but we know that mental stress is associated with impairment of the endothelium, the protective barrier lining our blood vessels. This can cause a series of inflammatory reactions that lead to fat and cholesterol build-up in the coronary arteries and ultimately to a heart attack,” says Dr. Miller.

Bottom line: Laughing, scientifically and psychologically, is good for the body, heart, and mind. To prevent heart problems and a bad day, then; LAUGH. . . because laughter is better than cure. *u*



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