Halfway Around The World

25 Oct

Senior Year

I had no idea where I wanted to be. All I knew was that I wanted to follow my dreams and pursue Culinary Arts. Although it was against the will of my parents who wished I would become a doctor or a nurse or even a pharmacist, being a chef was not their ideal career I should choose. But seeing that although I had the potential to succeed in the medical field they knew I would hate my job. So they backed me up and helped me with my dream. My family is my biggest support team and my number one fans. So when it came to finding a school for me to learn how to cook they were with me 100%.

There were many potential schools to choose from; Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island, Culinary Institute of America or Institute of Culinary Education, which are both in New York. Never in my thoughts would I think about going to the Philippines to study.

To think going to the Philippines to study was just crazy, which was exactly what I needed. I needed a change in my life. I have been living in the same house, with the same people, and I’ve went to the same schools all my life and I just got so tired of it. I knew everyone and all the different places were. I wanted to go to a place where no one knew me, a place where I can start out fresh and that’s where going to Philippines came into play.

The Struggle


Once I knew for a fact that I was going to study in the Philippines there was no stopping me. A lot of my friends and family were and still are against me being in the Philippines. There are so many people who expect me not to make it, to give up and go back to Jersey, but then I remember my immediate family. I remember my mother who is working day and night in order to give me the college education I need, my father who is always there to back me up, my grandmother who always imparts her wisdom onto me, and my brothers and sisters who always tell me to stick with it that it is only 4 years.  So I got a ticket and went on a 24-hour flight to the Philippines.


Jersey Girl Goes Manila Bound


Going to school here in the Philippines was a complete culture shock for me. First off I was surprised by all the traffic and pollution here. It’s really hard being in the Philippines all by myself. I basically left everyone I loved behind in order to chase my dream. There are times where I just want to give up and get a ticket back at home. But then I will reach everyone’s expectation of me being a quitter and I don’t want to fulfill that expectation. My motivation in staying strong here in the Philippines is by proving everyone wrong by staying in school and excelling in all my subjects. I want to be able to come back to the states and have them be proud and say that going to the Philippines is the best decision I could’ve made for myself.


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