Drinking alcohol and Memory (Kim, Ji weon {Clemens})

25 Oct

Yesterday, I drank too much with my old friends for my celebration. We drank really much. After that, I was drunk so much. When I came to my home, I just slept directly. In the morning, my mom woke me up. And she said that ‘hey, you vomited on your bed!’ ‘What?’ I really surprised. I didn’t know when I vomit! Even my glasses were also broken already. Oh my god… I really want to know what is happened last night. When I vomited? Why my glasses are broken? Did I do something wrong things to other person? Wow… My mental is collapsed. I usually drink so much with my friends. But it is my first time. I really embarrassed and shy. So I researched about relationship alcohol and memory loss.

Alcohol has strong, far-reaching effects on many parts of the brain. When alcohol is consumed, immediately the body starts the process of breaking it down. As this happens, breakdown substances called ethyl esters accelerate the motion of positively charged potassium ions from the brain cells into the outer membranes. This causes a negative charge inside of the brain cells, which slightly damages the body’s calcium channels. Brain cells depend on the calcium channels to communicate with the body’s other cells.

In the presence of alcohol, the brain receives far less oxygen. Excessive alcohol also has a destructive effect on the body’s central nervous system. These effects, combined with the impaired calcium channels, disrupt the body’s hippocampus (in the brain’s medial temporal lobe) activity. Alcohol disrupts spatial reference memory tasks and lowers the levels of glutamate released in the synapses of the hippocampus in the brain.

One of the dangers of consuming too much alcohol is the possibility of blacking out and experiencing a period of temporary memory loss or amnesia. Blackouts and memory loss are very common for alcoholics. For a person to experience the negative side effect of memory loss, they would have to be drinking alcohol like an alcoholic, in essence, numerous times a day, every single day of the week. Many people interpret excessive blackouts and memory loss to be early “high risk indicators” of alcoholism.

Excessive alcohol drinking can have a lot of negative impacts, including permanent brain damage. Adolescents and young adults can cause more permanent damage to their brains than older drinkers, according to research conducted at Duke University. Heavy drinkers who are young become far more vulnerable to the dangerous neurotoxic effects that come as a result of consuming large quantities of alcohol. So not only can excessive alcohol cause memory loss, it can also damage learning abilities in the brain as well.

For the reason, I think that I should reduce my drinking times. Actually, I drink every-time when I meet my friends who like drinking also. I don’t want to lose my memory. If I lose my memory again, I can do super mistake. I don’t want to repeat my first mistake. It is enough to recognize how heavy drinking is dangerous and terrible.



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