Aside 25 Oct

Have you ever wondered how people already broken down and exhausted still manage to finish the fight until the last round? That is called the will to win. A wise man once said “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure” . I live by that saying as it is very honorable to finish what you have started whatever happens, happens. People who act this way are called warriors. They do not back down even though the odds are against them. And often times they upset the odds and become victorious in whatever it is that they are doing.



I have had my share of defeat in my life. I was 15 years old then when I entered my first Grappling tournament. I was up against men who were 5-10 years older than me and probably stronger. But I was confident as I have trained well for the day so I won’t be badly beaten and injured. When the day itself came I was scared as hell but at the same time excited. My dad supported me very much in tournaments but I was surprised my mom wanted to watch as she kept on complaining how I could get hurt. And I could say it wasn’t easy for my mom seeing men bigger than me slamming me to the ground. I’m so happy with my parents being supportive on the sport that I liked. In this stage of life I was very arrogant and very competitive I wanted to join every competition. I was mostly the youngest participant in every event. I don’t get intimidated by my opponents not one bit (arrogant time!) but that was one of my biggest mistakes. I under estimated my first opponent as I was showing off to the crowd. I did something wrong and I ended up being choked.


The second opponent was damn huge! But for some reason Is still in my weight class. I actually got a little intimidated by this. When the bell rang the first thing he did was charge me and slammed me to the ground he backed up and stood up. And I did the same. The moment I got up he picked up my legs and I tried to defend and sprawl but it didn’t do much as I was taken down again. I stood back up and knew he was going to take me down again. The moment when he charged I pushed him down to the ground and spun and caught him in a back mount. I almost got him in a rear naked choke put he manage to overpower me when he did that he sinked in to my armbar but still managed to over power it. The time was up and he won by points but I can say it was a good match as it was the first time I ever competed. It was a great experience because I knew now what to expect and later on win some bouts in the future.



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