Aside 25 Oct

When I was 12 years old I entered the world of Martial Arts. I was so addicted to it that I trained almost everyday. I started with Muay thai, which lasted for about 6 months. I didn’t like the training because it was too basic, so I looked for a decent gym and I found this gym called B.A.M.F which stands for bad ass mother f*cker. When I first learned about the meaning I felt like I really wanted to train in their gym. I trained Mixed Martial Arts there which consists of muay thai Jiu-jitsu boxing and wrestling. I trained there for more than a year.


 I transferred once again to another gym that offers a more sophisticated more fierce and unorthodoxed fighting style. The Art is called “YAW-YAN” which is short for sayaw ng kamatayan it directly translates to “Dance of Death”.  I enjoyed my stay there because of the training there is so intense I once almost blacked out. And the people there can’t get any more humble than they are. One of their fighters named Red Romero well know in the MMA world as a well rounded striker and is currently a champion in the URCC when he teaches you in the gym its like he goes out of his way to teach you the right technique and is like a friend to you even if you met him for the first time. In Yaw-Yan they have 42 different types of kicks compared to about 5 kicks of Muay Thai.


 The difference in Yaw-Yan and MMA is that its more practical and it develops its techniques through time.  Their training is so different with other by-the-book gyms. For example you have 3 tires tied together by a rope and you tie the rope to your torso and then you sprint with it for 1\4 of a kilometer. And what makes it look so tougher is that the punching bags are made of tree trunks wrapped in Abacca rope. Which makes your hand and shin to develops these things called micro fractures that makes the bone stronger and harder. I lost 26 pounds of fat after my first 6 months there.


After 2 years in Yaw-Yan I went back to B.A.M.F  and I crossed trained in Jiu-jitsu there. I wanted my ground skills to get better and there isn’t a place more well know in the Philippines than Team deftac and their ground game. Their style of Bjj is Gracie barra under the famous Gracie family but now they are more specific with the Ribiero Bjj which is still under the Gracie Humaita. I learned well there and I got really good. I am still training in both Yaw-Yan and BJJ until today and nothing beats stress for me more than kicking people’s ass! Osss!



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