My Observational Learning

24 Oct

As my life as a student, I have learned many various things but my understanding is limited. As you can tell that I’m not the type who likes to read books and listen to teachers in class. I got easily bored when I’m not interested in the topic and some time teachers would lecture in a monotonically in class giving the feeling that the person was not interested in teaching. It true that my excuse doesn’t justify my poor understating and performance in school but when it comes to learning I feel that there is something lacking. It true we are in the school giving the wonderful environment for students learn but how about the rest who couldn’t learn in that kind of environment. That is why teachers must understand and interact with their students and show simplified methods in their subject that they are teaching. Like for example the Observational Learning method.


            In observational learning, I know that we learn while observing the model’s behavior or action which was being performed in that certain length of period. Teachers and students must be the model so that as the student are interacting with the activities given the teachers are there to suggest and correct whatever the students have done wrong. By doing students would be able to observe what the teachers are teaching. In that period, we would learn how these subjects are being applied in our daily activities. But this observational learning is difficult applied for only some certain subjects would require model when it comes to teaching. Unlike Math and Science subject which needs further understanding and practice in any other way. But in science subject you can see different kind of model which doesn’t necessarily involve behavioral observation like Chemistry and Physics. It model was just to prove the Theories into Laws when it come to these sciences unlike Biology, its science is relatively similar to the observational learning. That is why in some subjects it’s easier to learn because of the model that was being presented which drives me more interested.


Finally, It is important to note that observational learning is not the same thing as imitation. In imitation, an observer mimics a modeled behavior. In my own understating, behavioral changes are acquired, which means that the observer may take up a new behavior or stop a behavior, depending on how the behavior is presented by the model, and the change is retained. The new behavior is more likely to be demonstrated if the model is someone who is viewed as an authority figure. For example, children seeing behavior modeled by a child of the same age may not acquire it, but if it is modeled by an older child or an adult, especially one who is seen as a role model in some way, the children will be more likely to pick up the new behavior.

by Luke Raphael dela Pena


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