My Goal-Oriented Behaviors

24 Oct

Goals are a determination between dreams and achievements that been developed to every living being on this planet. What is a Goal to Us? Is having a goal important? What will I benefit in this? With this question unanswered it is great to know Goals are important in order to move forward and gain a sense of self-worth. Setting and achieving attainable goals builds our confidence and equips us for the next stage of our lives.


            Throughout my life, I’m not worth to be called goal-oriented person because of the lifestyle that I’m been living ever since the beginning, that is being a Happy-Go-Lucky kind a person. I never put much effort into things when trying to accomplish a simple task in school. Most of the time when I do something or find anything interesting I would give up in the middle of the job and live it as if the fuel of determination suddenly died out without you noticing. While I was in the house my mind feels active and I love to do house cores, cook and write stories in my own liking. That is where I believe accomplishment began.


The truth is that I have brother who doesn’t go to school and the reason for that was because he was an autistic special child in the family, his name is Paulous Michel. Everyone in the family has friends to interact with him except for him, who is alone in his own world with no one reach out to him. My parents could only give ten to fifteen percent of their time to interact with him while my other younger brother would seldom talk to him. I realized this feeling of loneliness around the time when I was in elementary and wandered how I could I reach out to him. That is why I remember my reason for living, by thinking of my special brother happiness and setting it as goal to accomplish something great. One of the things that we do in common is that we interact with one another on views in a story and recreate the writer books views of the stories and come up with something interesting is his favorite thing to do. Most of the time I would do the writing and he would do the illustration of the book. In the end we were able to accomplish it but it was for as to keep and one day share our accomplishment to our future generation. Doing something with my brother is a great honor even though the accomplishment isn’t that great. That is why goal and achieve is greater when its being shared with the person you care.


Finally, every goal is important! They are an essential part of everyone’s life. To share the goal with someone is greater and achieving all by yourself without anyone to care about your achievement. Having a Goal is neither a gain nor a loss but the benefit to challenge oneself is far greater. To create bright future is to create a better character. 

Written by; Luke Raphael dela Pena


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