Insight Learning

24 Oct

Everyday people learn new things, learning something new is always associated with problem. These problems are the obstacles in our way to explore ourselves. That’s what makes our live so interesting. That is why solving these problems is the basic concept that helps us understand the ever changing environment. Insight learning is kind of learning that involving a period of mental manipulation of information associated with a problem, prior to the realization of the solution to the problem. It is said that problem solving occur when the relationship is relevant to the solution are grasped. The learning occurs in a flash, and the learner continues to perform the learnt behavior smoothly. Wandered how insight learning applied in my daily life does.


            In my own experience, insight learning is being applied during when I’m interacting with some sort of activities. When I was a kid I enjoyed eating chocolate cookies and time to time my nanny would hide that cookie container from me. One day I was able to spot my cookie container on the refrigerator and wandered how I would reach it. I tried various ways to reach the container but ended up in failure. So I thought of putting the stool on the chair together but in that very moment I realized the risk and consequences. So I ignored the idea of getting cookie and look for something that is in my reach. It was based on my experience that falling from high places would hurt the most and decided not to continue on. According to Wolfgang Kohler’s experiments, insight learning is observed when studying problem-solving behavior in chimpanzees. In one experiment, chimpanzee was given some small wooden crates to reach the banana which result unsuccessful. After attempting countless time, the chimpanzee would eventually give up and turn hungry. Soon after that the chimpanzee would gradually discover that he could stack the crates one after another to reach the banana. In this experiment we could tell that subject will try to solve the problem in any mean necessary to survive.


            In conclusion, the insight learning is very important in its own prospective when it come to developing person character and understating the importance trials and error when it comes to problem-solving. To compare ourselves with the Chimpanzee experiment we could tell that we were given the opportunity to solve various problems from trials and errors without any risk taken. But before executing or solving the problem we should think twice, so that when the time we solve a problem it might not cause us our life. That is why human beings are very festinating creature who has the potential even to go to the moon and further horizon. 

Written by; Luke Raphael dela Pena


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