How people should act to lessen STEREOTYPES..

24 Oct


I know we tackled this topic and made a paper on this but I would like to talk about it again because it is an interesting topic and it clearly is what most of us human beings do to each other especially to people that we really don’t know and to the people that we pass by. Nowadays, people are exposed to different things. New gadgets, new adventures, new experiences and also stereotyping. People tend to thing that people are not perfect but for me, each one of us was made by God and each person was given a particular trait or characteristic which made us unique and perfect. I personally believe that the only thing that destroys perfection is how people live negatively and the way people act to other people because some tend to think that when they are rich, they think that they are on top. We should look at others equally because we are basically the same, we are human beings that eat, breathe, pee, fart etc. Yes we are created differently but this does not mean that we can rule and ruin other person’s life.

I’m a kind of person that will say things straight-to-the-point even without thinking of what other people will feel because I believe that it will make a person be better. Rich people, I think of them as mayayabang basically because in this generation, rich kids like some of my friends sometimes tend to show-off the things that they bought which I consider is nonsense. Why? Because seriously, why buy things and praise yourself and boast the things that you bought to the people who cannot afford what you can afford? For me people should always portray humility because it is a trait/characteristic that will someday help a person. It is given that rich people have a lot of money but they should not boast it to people especially to their friends because maybe, there will come a time that they will also be rich and you’ll be needing their help. Smokers, I used to think of them as a dirty person, have less opportunities and a bad person. There are many things that blinded my in this world and the one that is on the top of my list is media. When I was a kid, media talked about many disadvantages of smoking like its addicting, can destroy some of our body organs etc. and most of the people that was shown are the ones who live in the street, people who have done crimes and in our family, the people who smoke are the ones who doesn’t have a job and a like which really made me think that smokers really have many disadvantages in life. But look at me now, I sometime smoke because for me it relieves stress and it makes me more awake and aware of the things that I am doing. I guess, for me to stop this stereotypes to smokers is that I should know them 1st before judging them and the best way is to talk to them. Last stereotype that I want to share to you guys is that ugly people cannot be my friend. We have a lot of preference to people. Some think that a girl is beautiful but others see that girl as a normal girl or an ugly one. I was kind of a loner before when I was a kid and after I was influenced by a popular kid which is a typical bully where he picks on loser and as he considered, ugly guys before which made me think that being friend with people who doesn’t have the looks cannot be a part of my circle of friends. Influence is a great factor in a persons life especially when a person is just growing up because you will be with a friend for a long time which will someday have a great chance that you will carry their attitude which can really make a person’s preference change and I believe that people should choose the friends that they will be with. We should act and consider everyone as a friend because like what I said earlier, we are made by God differently from each other. We should accept what God himself gave to the people and we should treat them equally. I believe that the greatest thing to do so that these stereotypes will be lessen or maybe be gone is to not judge the people that we don’t know. We should give people a chance to introduce themselves so that we could really know what they are and who they are because someday those people that we judged before maybe our friend in the future.

I would like to end this by stating a quotation, “when people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch you a bit, but in the end, you will end up polished and they end up useless.” (Chris Colfer) Freedom, everyone has it that is why people really will judge other people by saying bad things. Like me, people tease me as a fat guy but I don’t think of it as a bad thing, instead I think of it as a motivation that will help me be thin in the future. And yes, I also judge people a lot but I’ve learned that we should try to know the person more before judging and saying negative things about them because people have feelings, yes some are losers, less fortunate and a like but befriending them gives you an advantage to people because it adds up to your list of connections. Giving people the time to show what they really are counts. We should not settle for what we see and feel for now but we should also consider what we will see and feel for the person in the future.



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