our blood, our sweat, our joy and tears: Football (SABINE ROMOFF DURANO)

23 Oct

What keeps one going? For as long as I could remember all I would ever look forward to was football after class, football on the weekends, and football in general. What I lack in skill, I make up for with hard work and passion. I grew up with football, I learned to handle setbacks when we didn’t win championships and I also learned the value of hard work and how it’s not constant that you’re always on top. Somedays I have doubted my capacity to go the extra mile and work double time to get where I set my goal to. Days when you encounter setbacks are not easy, but the thing you have to realize is that setbacks can either make you or break you. You have to take it upon yourself to get past it and learn from what led you there in the first place. The main reason why I play football is because when I’m on that pitch it’s just me and the field. Nothing is ever personal, and what may seem to be just a game to you, is what I would consider everything to me. I have played for countless teams in different divisions through the years from under 12, under 14, under 16, women’s team, as well as open division. Having played football for most of my life I have struggled with a sense of balance. I have always put football first and this hasn’t always been the best choice. But if you ask me if all those moments were worth it, i would tell you that it was and it still is. Through football I learned to trust: to trust in the team I work with, to trust that i have done all that it takes, and to trust that all this is worth every minute of my time. I enhanced the value of family, working with a team each day for years, having your team with you when you travel to places makes it more than just a team but a family. Like a family, our coach and staff act as our parents and my teammates are my sisters. Football breeds good character as it shows you that in life you have to work to where you want to be. I’ve had two major injuries: a dislocated neck and a broken ankle and a twisted knee. These injuries almost got the best of me and for awhile I didn’t know who I was without football. But just like another trial, you overcome it. I got better, worked harder, pushed my limits, and soon enough i was back on that pitch, a feeling like no other. I might not be playing now, but there isn’t one day that I wish I could be on that pitch again. ImageImageImage



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