If food will not stop making me gain weight, then i guess I’ll just get bigger jeans. (SABINE ROMOFF DURANO)

23 Oct

FOOD, FOOD, AND MORE FOOD !! If there is one thing i love to do, it is to eat. I love spending my afternoon having merienda (which is a snack in the afternoon) while having a drink with the company of family or friends. I like having breakfast in the morning and taking my time at it while i think of all the things i could be doing. I love lunches where we catch up and indulge in the wonders of the different entrees. I love dinner and how serene it can be, with the ambiance, wine, and everything that comes with it. Having said all this, my day is comprised of a whole lot of food. I am not specific when it comes to the types of cuisines although i am allergic to most types of seafood. I don’t even remember when my love for food and the different cuisines started. But not that i try to recall and retrace my steps, it basically was enhanced when my interest in different cultures started. It made me want to try their cuisine and soon enough i loved every kind. There is a constant battle between what i want to eat, and what my constricted and confined pair of jeans can stretch out to. Basically, if i could eat everything i wanted to and not gain weight, that would be my perfect phenomenon. But the fact that this isn’t possible of me, since my metabolism decided to go on vacation this still hasn’t stopped me form eating as  please. My mom has sent me to countless nutritionists and have made me go on diets which i then named YOYO DIETS since i lose the weight then gain it back. They tell me i will feel better if i lose weight and its best for my health, but I am so happy and contented with my life that i don’t even want to change anything. Call my perspectives different, but i call the shots in my life. I am happy and i don’t feel the need to change how i look. Although when the day comes and that scale will say “to be continued” things might need to change, i will need to buy a new weighing scale ! ((= ImageImageImageImage






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