How far would you go?

22 Oct

            Most of us have been striving to achieve success as long as we can remember. People believe that education is the key to success, yes,  but I think its better if, you have the guts, strategy, opportunity , passion and education. How will you be successful if you don’t have the guts, strategy and opportunity? Though you are so smart, but you cant use it in a way you can be successful, you wont be successful. You may have the guts and the education, but no opportunity, how can you apply and work or even have a business. We should explore, encounter and meet new people, do more things, experience such things to have an opportunity. You have to have the passion, you have to love what you’re doing.




          When I was in my early childhood, all I do is study play, study play. Didn’t even want to sleep, I’m always forced by my mother to take a nap, but now, as a busy person I would love to have the time given to me by my parents to sleep. It’s been a year now since I’ve been a working student. I started working in an early age, to be honest, what im doing now wasn’t really a plan. It started that I was just so bullied before when I was in my young early age, back in high school and elementary grades that I want to prove people something about me.



          After graduating highschool, i met a lot of people, and these people helped me out in my modeling career. I started from nothing, i was persevered to do things that would make me on top and would make people wonder more about me. In my status now, I can tell that i made something from my har work, i am now so busy that i wish there would be more time in a day. Achieving personal success does not have to be difficult. Success is not an impossible dream. You can become successful in life. But when we achieve success, we will know it. It’s a feeling deep inside you. You will that you are in harmony with the world. True success is having a real connection to our life’s mission. This is the kind of success that lasts a lifetime.


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