It’s not just wishful thinking

21 Oct

You know that feeling you have in your guts when you like/love the person and they feel the exact same way for you? It’s the best feeling. Having inside jokes to where only the two of you laugh about. When both of you have a theme song that you can’t stop listening to.

Some people dream of having the kind of relationship they always wanted, while some people actually have it already. I kinda always wondered how different kind of relationships work; how different kinds of personalities attract each other, and ways they get a long as well.

I have come to a better understanding about this through Robert Sternberg’s Traingle theory of love. He is a Psychologist who came up with The Three Components of Love. These three are Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. Intimacy is all about being emotionally tied to one another. Passion is purely the arousal one has for another. It could physical or emotional. Lastly, Commitment involves the decision one makes about a relationship. May it be long-term, short-term, serious, or just for fun.


Of course everyone is capable of being in a relationship. It is all about having the same understanding with each other; what you want now as well as for your future. Communication is very important in this case. Another important factor is trust. I believe that conflict may occur when these factors are not clearly pointed out.

Personally, I honestly have never been in a relationship. From the relationships that I see around me, I notice and learn so much already. Sometimes I get lonely and I think that I want a relationship. But in reality I am happy being single. I just think that I am still so young and I just wanna work on myself and just enjoy life without having to worry about anything too serious. I believe that wanting to be in a relationship doesn’t exactly mean you are ready for one. When you are, I guess it will just happen.

Sometimes, conflicts occur when you know what is right and what is wrong, and then you start to compromise. In this case, you just have to be yourself in order to attract the right kind of guy for you.



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