“Food, glorious food!”

18 Oct

You know that saying, “Eat to live”? Well, for me, it’s the other way around! Live to eat!

I am the type of person that gets out of bed early in the morning just because I’m excited for what kind of breakfast there is, set on the table! While eating my breakfast, my mind goes ahead and thinks about lunch time and even dinner time! Imagining all the yummy foods I will get to eat really gets me so excited!

Wow, that must make me a very easy-to-please person! Because that is just me imagining! What more if I am actually eating!

Obviously I am pursuing the right course, that is one thing I am certain of. What I did not understand though was that I didn’t get why the way I ate varied according to the different kind of people I was with. When I am alone, I simply indulge on food for pleasure, to release stress, or to satisfy certain cravings on mine.

I then learned that the reason towards social eating habits has to do with cultural attitude. Some sources say that in general, people associate eating less with being feminine and more attractive. It did not seem relative to me though; controlling my portions because I am trying to impress someone. That simply does not sounds like me. I guess one reason I could think of would just be me being shy. Usually, when I am in my cousins beach house, there are buffets all day and I always help myself without caring of how much I already ate. However, when my friends and I spent the weekend in my friend’s beach house, there were buffets too. Although this time I barely ate! I even surprised my self! It was so rare for me to have only one serving and then feeling full right after! “Man, I wish this happened more often because look how my eating changed!”, I thought. Another thought dawned on me. The main reason why I ate so little around my friends was because I was excited! Being with friends, laughing, looking forward to going crazy in the beach, that’s what happened! I forgot all about my food! I was too excited that I didn’t even bother going for another round of serving or some kind of dessert.


My realization to this is that eating socially with different types of people is not merely caused by awkward situations or about being conscious. It is not always about being too thin or too fat. It may just simply be because you are hungry or you just aren’t. There could be other reasons too that you might have not realized about yourself.



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