Memories, Memories.

17 Oct

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. — The Wander Years

The mind works in strange ways. I could be there lounging around my bed, thinking about nothing at all and then BAM. My brain fills my head with images of my childhood which i thought i had forgotten or i could be pounding away in my  head, pulling on the roots of my hair trying to remember what i did that one time and nothing comes to me. Why is it that the mind works that way? Why do we forget some memories and remember every single detail of others?

There are two main memory systems that exist in our human mind: short-term memory and long-term memory.You may have heard a few facts about these systems in a few movies, one namely 50 First Dates where the female lead suffers from long-term memory loss and is incapable of creating new memories. Moving on… A short-term memory would hold information about a few things for a temporary time, but the details would be sharp and clear. The long-term memory, on the other hand, stores large amounts of information that you’ve ‘collected’ throughout your entire life, which is great, but the details would be limited. If long-term memory were a movie, I would be seeing the trailer instead of the whole hour and a half long plot.

 But this doesn’t answer the question.

Say you’re trying to tell your friends about that amazing trip you took last weekend but you couldn’t remember the name of the hotel you stayed in. So, you dig through your memories, searching and searching, but you really can’t remember, then about three hours after you’ve given up, it hits you. It’s the deliberate searching that’s making you more prone to forgetting it. Voluntarily looking through your memories without some sort of visual representation of the hotel. If the logo were right in front of you, you’d remember it in a heartbeat. I suffer from these situations all time.

There’s also the matter of emotion that’s connected to a memory. I am more likely to remember what happened when my dog died because it had a massive effect on me, emotionally  or i  could easily remember the song that was playing in the background while my crush was there . You could also make yourself remember  like the way you would, while studying for a final.  Constantly repeating facts in your head would make your brain realize, “Hey, this is important. Better file this away because we’re going to need it.”

In the end, it really just depends on you. You could make yourself remember, you could make yourself forget (such as repressed memories, but that’s another thing entirely). 


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