Be Confident. Be Beautiful. Be You.

17 Oct

Why are most teens not confident with themselves? Why don’t they flaunt the beauty that they are gifted with?

I am not the shyest person around; I am more the type of girl who knows what I have and is confident in my own skin. Though, I will never understand why most teens my age can’t be the same. It always has been a mystery to me in why we are never really satisfied with what we are given.

Maybe it is because of how society treats them. Maybe they just aren’t comfortable of being themselves. Maybe they just aren’t contented with what they are given.

We are all surrounded by social medias. Magazines, televisions, the Internet, are all sources to what most girls are interested in: “Fashion”. And there, they are shown of how beauty must be like, of how perfection is spread to the world. That being skinny, tall, and a certain skin tone is what is needed to be considered beautiful. Teens nowadays have a mindset that they should look like the models that do runway shows in fashion television or the celebrities on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. And if not, they would find no ounce of confidence in themselves to show to the public around them.

Majority of them would starve themselves, bleach their skin, and dye their hair just to have people compliment them about their new look and to feel good about themselves, even if they don’t look anything like themselves anymore. But in my opinion, I would much rather hear a compliment of my natural features. I understand that appearance does matter in the real world, but it does not mean that we should change ourselves completely to feel attractive or to be attractive for other people.

Being attractive is all about being confident. Once you truly believe you are confident with yourself, others will admire it. You don’t have to change your look to be considered attractive, because we all are beautiful, and the world will never see the beauty we all have if we first don’t open ourselves to the beauty within.

So everyday walk out to the world like you are wearing your invisible crown. Once you believe you are beautiful, so will the world.


Be confident. Be beautiful. Be you.


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