Yes to Life!

16 Oct

The RH bill or House bill 96 is all about population control in ones country. Some country have this bill, like Thailand and Japan. Those country have the problem on producing or making a baby. They have the problem on giving or passing their country to new generations because they have more adults and senior citizens than children. The population in ones country should be balance and if not, there should be more babies or children in the society than senior citizens. In the Philippines we have a normal pyramid or growth population. In the forum on issues behind the Reproductive Health Bill ( House Bill 96 ) there are different explanation why other people are favor in this Bill 96 and why some other does not want this Bill to be approved by the congress and to make it a law in the Philippines. Image

I would focus on the economic effect of the RH bill. In the symposium, speaker Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, an economist said that, the Philippines is not over populated. We should not blame the children why the economy here in our country is low. It is not the new born babies and the children’s fault. The reason why our economy is low is because of our government officials. They are corrupt and not thinking on what will be the effect and the result of what they are doing. They are just helping their selves to be rich and to be more rich than ever. They should not blame any kid in this country that because of that kid our country is over populated and the economy in our country is not doing well and going down. Over population is different from corruption, and the government should be thinking about the citizens living in this country not their only their families, relatives, friends and their selves. The population here in the philippines is normal but I just want to say that if the parents cannot afford to have a big family or the parents cannot let their children go to school and have a good life then they should control their family or have a family planning before they get married and have their children. 

The symposium helps me to realize about how dangerous contraceptives is. It helps me to understand more about the RH bill and why people does not like the congress to approve the proposal. As a student, I do not like the congress to approve that bill because in the symposium they show how contraceptives give sickness to people who uses it. If they approve this house bill 96 many Filipinos will have cancer, HIV,STD and AIDS. One of the speaker in the symposium also says that the Philippines is not over populated and the Philippines have a normal pyramid that every country should have. He also says that other country who have this RH bill have a very big problem on their population increase because there are so many old people than the young ones. I do not want our country to be one of those country that have a problem in their population growth. I realized that, if there is no corrupt in the philippines then no one will be living like a rat today. The government should know their priority first and they should know that the people trust them to be a good leader and to take care of each people in this country. The people did not vote them to make their selves to be rich and corrupt. They should know that the money that they are using is the money of the people in the philippines and we the citizens in the Philippines are the ones paying those officials to do their duty in our country and we have the right to tell them to do their work and duty. They cannot blame the children why the poverty here in the philippines is growing, they should know that because of corruption there are many people are starving and does not have work. This Law should not be approved because the government is opening the doors to young people to buy any condoms and pills they like. It is not in our Filipino culture to have teen-age or pre-marital sex, it is against in our faith and our grandparents and parents does not teach us to have that culture. If ever the government will allow and approve that House Bill 96 or that Law then our culture will be destroyed and our Filipino women will not be conservative anymore . It is also against in our catholic religion because God teach us that we should be doing those things if the couple is married and do it with love not lust.



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