Under the Sea!

16 Oct

Under the sea!

 I started scuba diving when I was still 13 years old, me and my family and relatives loves to go outing, island hopping and of course scuba diving. This time I’m not yet a Licensed Scuba Diver, I just go intro diving. I remembered on my first dive I was so scared and I was to back out but my dad told me to try it because it really is wonderful under the sea. Before the diving begins, the instructors taught me the sign languages to use if I am going to have a problem under the water. 


This picture means “OK” and this sign language is really useful underwater. This is just one example of many sign languages used in scuba diving.  


After the instructions, I wore my googles and they handed me my oxygen tank, then I jumped into the water. When me and my “buddy” (this is how you call your partner in diving, it is very important to have a “buddy” and you and your buddy should go together always) deflated our vests, I was starting to shake and get nervous. In an intro dive, you are not allowed to go down more than 20 feet (just so you know).  Back to the story, then when I saw “Nemo” (Clown Fish) I was so happy, I was like the happiest child in the world and because of the happiness I felt that time I forgot that I feel nervous and by then my shaking stopped. That was the most memorable time in my teenage years because I can’t explain my happiness, it’s like I have a box of chocolates from a suitor. After that day, I told my dad that I want to be a licensed Scuba diver and after 3 years I was a licensed Diver (At last!). Me with my family went to many diving spots around the Philippines but the most memorable dive that we have was when we went diving at Samal Davao City, me and my buddy (cousin) was lost underwater, we saw a whale shark and it was so amazing because it was sooooooo big and very beautiful!!! but my buddy and I got so scared so we forgot to take a picture of it. It was my most memorable dive ever and my most deepest dive in my whole life (210 feet). When the whale shark left, my oxygen tank was empty good thing my buddy have oxygen but is not enough for the both of us, so we decided to do the emergency ascent. It was so fun but so scary at the same time! 

Today I don’t have time to go Scuba diving because I am so busy with school but if I have time to go diving again I would love to go to Batangas because many people are telling me that it is very beautiful there and the corrals are very healthy and I would love to see those beautiful thing!

Here are some pictures of me and my diving buddies while diving:


My first Scuba Dive ever! 



From a 150 feet dive. 🙂 With my Senior Diving friends. 


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