Elephant Pants: The Pants to wear

16 Oct

Elephant Pants: The Pants to Wear

Are you tired of wearing your jeans that does not fit right? Do you want your legs to feel right and not tight? Do you want to get rid of your jeans that make your legs so tired? Well, you don’t have to worry because elephant pants is the answer!.


In the year 1972, elephant pants or “elephant bells” were very popular among women and even men. These were made from polyester or cotton fabric. These pants are tight from the waistline and wide from thighs until the top of the shoes.These are paired with cardigans, tunics, pullover, dresses and skirts.Aside from its convenience because it is easy to wear, it is also comfortable because it is not too tight that is why it became so popular during that time.

Elephant pants must be worn by people who wants to be comfortable yet fashionable. The following are the reasons why it should be worn: 

First reason is that elephant pants are easy to wear. It is wide from thighs all the way on the top of the shoes. It is why you won’t be getting a hard time wearing it because it is not too tight, it has wider space for your legs to fit.

Second reason is, elephant pants are much too comfortable to wear because it has much wider space that allows your legs or skin to relax and breathe.

Third reason is, elephant pants are very fashionable. It can be paired with cardigans, tunics, pullover, dresses and skirts.

Fourth reason is, it can be worn during any season and any place. It can be worn during winter, spring, summer or fall. It can be worn by sporty girls and even working women. Aside from the women, it can also look good with men.

Nowadays, most people think that wearing elephant pants is a fashion disaster. Some would say wearing it is gross or totally not cool.These comments are totally false. It is not a fashion disaster when you pair it with the right top and right shoes. It is cool because wearing it makes your skin breathe while looking fashionable.

I remembered wearing Elephant pants and my classmates were laughing at me because they think it was really not cool. Elephant pants must not be looked as a “fashion don’t” because it is totally false. If you want to look fashionable yet comfortable and want your skin to breathe and not be suffocated. Then, elephant pants must be worn!

In psychology, we discussed about Human Development. Like the Elephant pants, humans are to change, they have the capabilities to change throughout the life span. I am trying to say that elephant pants today are not cool because it changes throughout the years, instead of wearing the elephant pants people would prefer skinny jeans or the jeggings ( jogging pants +  leggings) because it is more better and more “in” in our society. Like elephant pants, people change for the better and they continue to get better and better as the society is also changing. I just set the elephant pants as a example and try to sell it to you guys because I know no one is going to be interested in buying this pants. Just trying to connect the changes of humans and the changes on physical processes, cognitive processes and socioemotional processes. 


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