Leaning things isn’t easy in someways

8 May

What is learning for us? It is the change of behavior brought about by experience. Everybody learns about different things and also in different ways. Some people experiences it in a hard way or some people experiences it in an easy way. Well sometimes we tend to ask ourselves why some people learn things faster than us. We sometimes feel some kind of jealousy. Because of what kind of effort we exert is huge than other people.

Every time we do something we always learn. Big or small there is learning involve. Even if its complicated or not. Well some people have their own way of learning. For some people it takes time. Life is the greatest learning experience. In life you encounter different things. So while we live longer, we encounter, experience and learn more things.

Half of my life Basketball is there. I made it part of my life. Making it also my exercise. Well every time I think of playing ball I think of new moves. So I try to learn it by practicing, so I can enhance my potential and applying it in my next game. So not things in life can be learn in a snap. We also have to do it over and over again so we can be good about it. I can say in some things we can instantly learn it or maybe in some people its difficult. Also as a culinary student it is very difficult when I don’t practice what we did in the kitchen. All of the chef’s are very strict when it comes on what is required for us to do. I sometimes feel that I want to quit. But that’s not part of my vocabulary. So also in my course I need to practice what is done in the kitchen, so when I do it next time I can present it to my guest.

In my life I learn things. A lot of things that I can use for my future. I always consult my life coach and my parents and siblings. With out them I wont know the techniques on things in life. I’m so thankful that I have them as parents and siblings. My parents are irreplaceable. I am so thankful that I have them part of my life. I can say that my brothers and sisters are also my second parents. Because they are there to support me and guide me. I am very proud that I have them.  One thing I have to share is what my father always tells me. “When you want to learn something don’t hesitate to pursue what you want as long your heart and mind agrees.” He told me that, that words came from my grandfather. So he followed what my grandfather told him and he became successful. So he passed those words of wisdom to me. So every time I want some thing new and want to good about it , I always remember what my father told me.

– Rowell Eusebio


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