Likes me, Likes me not

7 May

I actually just thought the title would be catchy.

The first thing you would think of is that phrase “he loves me, he loves me not”, well your half way exactly right!

Boys. Boys. Boys.

Did you know that we are blood related to our parents but our parents are not blood related to each other? Thats right, our parents are just friendship and trust. Anyways..

(I changed to like instead of love because i’ve never really loved a guy before.) I’ve learned that there are ways to figure out how a guy likes you or is into you rather. My hearts built of stone and this is exactly what i do for my heart everyday…

My SOP has been to wake up, and somewhere between the bathroom and fixing myself a cup of tea, I check to see where my heart is. (It’s usually fidgeting by the door like a puppy that needs to be let out to pee.) I open the door. I walk in whatever direction my heart scuttles off to. I never know where it’s going to take me, but I have learned to handle situations with a positive attitude, an open mind, and the confidence that comes with knowing that following my heart hasn’t killed me.. yet. I have resolved issues that concern times when I didn’t follow my heart.

The moral of this is whether people especially boys, like me, like me not. Follow your heart. Whatever your heart leads to, whether its boys or your DREAM. Give it all you got and lets see if they like you, like you not.

Now, how do you like me now?

-Genille Velasquez


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