Left and Right

7 May

Remember when you were little, your parents would always say look left and right before you’d cross the street? I realized theres reasons why parents would say that. Not just because if you don’t you’d get run over by a car, it’s also because if you don’t, you wouldn’t see whats really on your left and what’s on your right. I realized in psychology class and including my parents lectures that life is a highway and if you don’t look whats on your left and right you’ll get “killed” by what we call life. DON’T BE AFRAID TO LOOK LEFT AND RIGHT.

So i listened to my parents and in class and looked side by side and this is what i’ve accomplished so far…

” It’s easy to blame our failure to meet our goals or to live our dream lives on a lack of energy, and we don’t always stop to think about the quality of energy in our lives. Yet we can choose to create and manage our own energy flow.

Think of an instance when you’ve been so involved in an activity that you’ve lost track of time, and then identity the passions and energies you were feeding. Who was there with you? What were you doing? What will you do to make time for moments like that one more often?”

Julia E. 

This is a big one for me. Realizing that my passion really does lie in music, design, television, radio, and the Philippines and figuring out ways to nurture all of those along with creativity’s other limbs, to become self-sufficient, independent sources of productivity and growth, both on a personal level, and for others.

I get lost in making mixtapes. I get lost in watching interviews of individuals that have been able to move me with things they have created, or generate millions of dollars doing something creative in nature. I get giddy at the thought of creating a path to build momentum towards things like clothing lines, and radio shows, and magazines, and live musical performances. I will sit by the DJ booth and appreciate the selection, peer over shoulders at Photoshop canvasses filled with designs soon to be adopted onto shirts.

I think you’re most attractive when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, and will be the first to tell you so. Everything I’ve committed to for the next five years, has something to do with developing and growing.

There are people in my life that fuel, encourage, thought provoke, and spark me, I know they are there, and all I do is inspire and dedicate to them. ALL of them would always tell me to look left and right, and i did! 

How about you? Did you look left and right?

-Genille Velasquez 



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