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Leaning things isn’t easy in someways

8 May

What is learning for us? It is the change of behavior brought about by experience. Everybody learns about different things and also in different ways. Some people experiences it in a hard way or some people experiences it in an easy way. Well sometimes we tend to ask ourselves why some people learn things faster than us. We sometimes feel some kind of jealousy. Because of what kind of effort we exert is huge than other people.

Every time we do something we always learn. Big or small there is learning involve. Even if its complicated or not. Well some people have their own way of learning. For some people it takes time. Life is the greatest learning experience. In life you encounter different things. So while we live longer, we encounter, experience and learn more things.

Half of my life Basketball is there. I made it part of my life. Making it also my exercise. Well every time I think of playing ball I think of new moves. So I try to learn it by practicing, so I can enhance my potential and applying it in my next game. So not things in life can be learn in a snap. We also have to do it over and over again so we can be good about it. I can say in some things we can instantly learn it or maybe in some people its difficult. Also as a culinary student it is very difficult when I don’t practice what we did in the kitchen. All of the chef’s are very strict when it comes on what is required for us to do. I sometimes feel that I want to quit. But that’s not part of my vocabulary. So also in my course I need to practice what is done in the kitchen, so when I do it next time I can present it to my guest.

In my life I learn things. A lot of things that I can use for my future. I always consult my life coach and my parents and siblings. With out them I wont know the techniques on things in life. I’m so thankful that I have them as parents and siblings. My parents are irreplaceable. I am so thankful that I have them part of my life. I can say that my brothers and sisters are also my second parents. Because they are there to support me and guide me. I am very proud that I have them.  One thing I have to share is what my father always tells me. “When you want to learn something don’t hesitate to pursue what you want as long your heart and mind agrees.” He told me that, that words came from my grandfather. So he followed what my grandfather told him and he became successful. So he passed those words of wisdom to me. So every time I want some thing new and want to good about it , I always remember what my father told me.

– Rowell Eusebio


What It’s Like

8 May

I have a beautiful friend in a coma, which I guess I didn’t really comprehend the gravity of until I got to the Philippine Heart Center to visit her.  

What it’s like.

What it’s like to touch someone you know, looking at her motionless body, wondering how deep the thoughts run in the recesses of her mind, trying to comprehend that at one point, her heart had stopped. That machines were helping her to keep going.

Coming to terms with the fact that you’re not a doctor, that you don’t understand, you can’t fix it, you can’t rewind, you can’t talk or pay or apologize or negotiate your way out of where she is.

I couldn’t talk to her because I’m confused and choked up, and if I try to speak, the tears will fog my glasses up, and my hands have been sanitized, so I won’t be able to take them off and clean them. 

I can’t because the mask I have over my mouth makes me even more unintelligible than I already am.

But I know it’s right to talk to her. And so I start softly, saying hi, it’s me.

I massage her swollen limbs. Fix her hair. Readjust the wet towel on her forehead.

And the more I talk, the more brazen I get, cracking jokes, telling her it’s Fashion Week next week, and that she better wake up because our manager is going to kick her butt if she doesn’t.

But that really only makes me cry.

And then I try to tell her that if she’s tired, it’s okay, rest. But not too long. Her two little children don’t know what’s going on, they think Mama is modeling somewhere.

We had a meeting with her children one day and our whole model family. While sitting with her children, and our Cal Carries family I realized how it would suck to be her child. I mean, i lost my mom for years, but she was still alive and finally met her one day. But losing my mom forever? it’s heartbreaking! 

As we were all talking we all realized Christine was “superwoman”, she did everything. She was a model, host, vj, actress, business woman, and a mom. She did all of that at the same time. She’s a workaholic, she never stops working. 

Why do people get sick just by having too much stress? She smokes to get all the stress out but it actually doesn’t. It made her body weaker.

What it’s like.

Seeing the future pan out in super high speed. The possibilities for these influencers, the core of the energy source, the youth, this group, the ones that will soon dictate the beat.

What we are willing to pay. The price of passion. “Keep talking”, I want to tell the guys. “Her heart rates are going up.” I have faith that we all will. I am beginning to recognize that the sharing of all of this…movement, passion, communication, feelings, that is life.

So I will keep talking. I will keep writing. Because though it’s easy to become listless and self-absorbed, insecure and unmotivated, you never know whether or not something you’re sharing is pumping life into someone.

-Genille Velasquez

Likes me, Likes me not

7 May

I actually just thought the title would be catchy.

The first thing you would think of is that phrase “he loves me, he loves me not”, well your half way exactly right!

Boys. Boys. Boys.

Did you know that we are blood related to our parents but our parents are not blood related to each other? Thats right, our parents are just friendship and trust. Anyways..

(I changed to like instead of love because i’ve never really loved a guy before.) I’ve learned that there are ways to figure out how a guy likes you or is into you rather. My hearts built of stone and this is exactly what i do for my heart everyday…

My SOP has been to wake up, and somewhere between the bathroom and fixing myself a cup of tea, I check to see where my heart is. (It’s usually fidgeting by the door like a puppy that needs to be let out to pee.) I open the door. I walk in whatever direction my heart scuttles off to. I never know where it’s going to take me, but I have learned to handle situations with a positive attitude, an open mind, and the confidence that comes with knowing that following my heart hasn’t killed me.. yet. I have resolved issues that concern times when I didn’t follow my heart.

The moral of this is whether people especially boys, like me, like me not. Follow your heart. Whatever your heart leads to, whether its boys or your DREAM. Give it all you got and lets see if they like you, like you not.

Now, how do you like me now?

-Genille Velasquez

Left and Right

7 May

Remember when you were little, your parents would always say look left and right before you’d cross the street? I realized theres reasons why parents would say that. Not just because if you don’t you’d get run over by a car, it’s also because if you don’t, you wouldn’t see whats really on your left and what’s on your right. I realized in psychology class and including my parents lectures that life is a highway and if you don’t look whats on your left and right you’ll get “killed” by what we call life. DON’T BE AFRAID TO LOOK LEFT AND RIGHT.

So i listened to my parents and in class and looked side by side and this is what i’ve accomplished so far…

” It’s easy to blame our failure to meet our goals or to live our dream lives on a lack of energy, and we don’t always stop to think about the quality of energy in our lives. Yet we can choose to create and manage our own energy flow.

Think of an instance when you’ve been so involved in an activity that you’ve lost track of time, and then identity the passions and energies you were feeding. Who was there with you? What were you doing? What will you do to make time for moments like that one more often?”

Julia E. 

This is a big one for me. Realizing that my passion really does lie in music, design, television, radio, and the Philippines and figuring out ways to nurture all of those along with creativity’s other limbs, to become self-sufficient, independent sources of productivity and growth, both on a personal level, and for others.

I get lost in making mixtapes. I get lost in watching interviews of individuals that have been able to move me with things they have created, or generate millions of dollars doing something creative in nature. I get giddy at the thought of creating a path to build momentum towards things like clothing lines, and radio shows, and magazines, and live musical performances. I will sit by the DJ booth and appreciate the selection, peer over shoulders at Photoshop canvasses filled with designs soon to be adopted onto shirts.

I think you’re most attractive when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, and will be the first to tell you so. Everything I’ve committed to for the next five years, has something to do with developing and growing.

There are people in my life that fuel, encourage, thought provoke, and spark me, I know they are there, and all I do is inspire and dedicate to them. ALL of them would always tell me to look left and right, and i did! 

How about you? Did you look left and right?

-Genille Velasquez 


intangible keepsake

3 May

Memories are our recollection of past events. Memories make us smile, they make us cry, they make us cringe in embarrassment upon remembering. As intangible as they are, memories are one of the things that we hold dear to us. Sometimes it is the opposite though—you don’t want to remember so you wish to just get rid of it for good. We go through life using our brains; storing pieces of information (be it necessary or unnecessary) for school, work, leisure—just life in general. Memories are the things that no one can touch or see. In a sense, a memory is one of those “the best things in life are for free” things. Well, that’s completely subjective on which recollection we’re referring to, but there’s bound to be at least one or two that each person treasures. It would be a shame to forget such things. Especially if forgetting is caused by an illness. Some illnesses out there are known to have an effect on the brain, which can cause people to forget. I would say Alzheimer’s disease would be the worst and possibly the scariest one of them all. I am a forgetful person, but I am very fond of the good memories I manage to retain. That, and the people I share them with as well, which is why I find it scary to forget. Not only forgetting, but the fact that Alzheimer’s disease will ultimately lead to the end is another contributing factor.

You start to forget things, and eventually people. Your behavior starts to change due to the damage the sickness is doing to your brain. It might not matter to you anymore since you might have forgotten them already, but sometimes the people you cared for do not wish to stick around when your behavior has changed—maybe it’s inconvenient for them, maybe they are hurt because you forgot, or maybe it’s something else. Really, it’s a sad way to go.

There was a movie about Alzheimer’s disease. Well, not about it, per se, but someone who has it. I’m sure many are familiar with the novel-turned-movie “The Notebook.” A touching story about a couple, one of them having said disease. It was painful to watch the struggles of the old man as he tries to constantly remind his partner about him. They both pass away in the end—together. A bittersweet ending, if you ask me. But that’s just in the movies. What about real life? Reality isn’t as sweet as what the silver screen depicts.

By far there have been no cures for Alzheimer’s disease, but there are ways of preventing said disease from happening. The secret is in the food that you eat and the lifestyle that you lead. Just keep yourself active, keep your brain active, and have a healthy diet—the basics, pretty much. So the moral of the story here: eat right, live right, always do your homework (to keep your mind on the go), and stay away from drugs.

– Mishi Lim