back to the basics

25 Apr

I will say it now: food is a wonderful thing. I love eating, and I always look forward to eating meals (it is better with friends, but alone is OK too).  Needless to say, food is a necessity, no matter who you are. It is what you need in order to survive; it is one of the basic needs that humans look for, along with water and shelter. Eating food gives you the needed nutrition and energy in order to get through the day (or possibly more). It keeps you on the move, it keeps you going, and it also tastes good (well, some types of food do, at least). I know of a lot people who love food as much as I do, but there are also a number of people out there who do not. Maybe it is because they do not like a certain type of food, like how some people do not like vegetables; maybe it has something to do with how they view themselves, and that it is not really about the food; perhaps it could be because they just do not really have the appetite for food. It really depends on the circumstances of each individual, but in the end food will always be something that humans will look for. Just that the desire to look for food may vary in degree depending on the person.

It is not uncommon to see people not have a desire for food. Maybe they are depressed, maybe they just really lack the appetite, or maybe they do not like how they look so they try to reduce their weight (the quicker but unhealthy way). They stay away from food for as long as they can until their stomachs (and sometimes other parts of their bodies) start to hound at them for food, just begging to have nutrition in their bodies. It is hard when you have to force yourself to do something you do not really want to—it becomes a chore. I said that I love eating, but I have gone through some events in my life that have made me turn away from food. I was called ‘fat’ a number of times in High School because the friend I hung out with was literally anorexic, and I was constantly being compared to her. Yes, she had a problem with food too. That is probably where I got the idea—from her. I have had my own share of depressing times too. Times that I would rather not relive. The best way I could possibly describe those days would be how the world looked in my eyes: despite the fact that everything was sunny and bright, it felt like I had tunnel vision. It was a bad time; I was in a bad place.

In other words, I understand where these people who turn away from food are coming from, but I learned that without food I would not be able to do much, not only in the short run but also in the long run. I learned to take care of my body and of myself, and I intend on continuing to do so.

– Mishi Lim


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