Through the good times and the bad

21 Apr

It can trip you, you can be bound and tortured with it, and you can hang yourself if overcome with sorrow, but forgetfulness seems more appropriate. Some have suggested self confidence, and I guess it could work. What am I talking about? Alcohol. 

It really is no stranger to us. Alcohol has been around for literally centuries. In the olden days, it was used for socializing, during brainstorming sessions by philosophers, and even for survival in those really cold places (like Russia). Alcohol played a rather important part in history. Even in religion, actually. But let’s face the music here: throughout the many, many years, the reputation of alcohol has been degraded; deemed as notorious due to the aftermath that impacts a person’s body if (and when) not consumed in moderation. In today’s society, it is still being used for socializing. Sometimes with the accompaniment of rhythm-heavy music, sometimes with nicotine sticks known as cigarettes. Alcohol has come a long way, figuratively and literally. From philosophical drinking in Rome from centuries ago, to the jamming clubbing life of today. Quite a jump, don’t you think? I am sure that many a people have acted under the effects of alcohol in the past, but the number of people getting drunk increases every year. The effects and aftereffects of alcohol got worse over the years too; it ranges from unwanted pregnancy to liver cancer.

Why do people turn to alcohol? When they want to have a good time, the presence of alcohol must be there. When people are depressed, they want to be intoxicated. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that alcohol is some form of drug. Scientifically speaking, it is not considered as drug. It is, however, a drug in a sense that it is addictive. A vice for some, a virtue for others. It really depends on the person and the circumstances they are facing. Why is alcohol so necessary for some people? It can’t actually be the taste, can it? Maybe it is an acquired taste, but it is not at all delicious to me.

Alcohol is a downer. It helps the body loosen up and be more relaxed. This is one of the reasons why some people, who are usually upright on normal days, become more talkative or wild when they have had some alcohol. It unwinds some people, so to say; makes them feel more at home (which is why they say that people become more truthful when intoxicated). On the other hand, when some people are depressed they look for alcohol because they want to drown their sorrows in it—they want to forget their problems. Too much alcohol can lead to the numbing of the senses or to the slowing down of the thought process, which is the reason why at times when people get wasted they do not remember what happened the night before. I myself have drowned my sorrows in alcohol before. I can honestly say that it did not help me one bit. So I am saying this now: there are other ways of dealing with things that do not involve the consumption of alcohol.

Does alcohol really define what other people might classify as a good time? Will alcohol really take away the depressing feelings? I am not saying that alcohol is bad; I am just saying that responsibility when drinking is important. “Drink moderately,” as those commercials on TV say.

– Mishi Lim


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