Memories in everybody’s way

16 Apr


Everybody has his or her own memory of something special or not good or bad. Memory plays a big part in a person’s life.  We sometimes base our explanations in our memory. What we have experience before in our lives.

How we remember things? We encode what information is gathered. Encoding is the way where information is processed to be store in memory. When I remember things I start on what triggers it to be memorable. What made it? Who is involved? And where it happened. There are three systems of the memory storage.

First is the Sensory Memory where our sense briefly continues after something is shown. Second is Short- Term Memory is the capacity to hold a small amount of information in mind. Last is the Long- Term Memory is the continuing storage of information.

            For me remembering things especially when it is very memorable where Long-term memory comes in. Example when we had a big reunion where all of the Eusebio’s gathered and interact with each other. All of our long distant relatives that we haven’t met before, we’re there and we had the chance to meet them. It was a great experience every time I think about it I remember all the things that happened there. That’s the greatest memory for me so far. The worst memory that I can remember is when I was in Pre School. I accidentally poked my classmate’s eye with a stick. I did not mean to poke his eyes. But I was so guilty that time. I wished it did not happen. After that incident I was sent to the principal’s office. Poor thing a little boy was sent to the principal’s office. When I was in the office, I can’t explain what happened. I was so shocked that I did that. I don’t know what to do that time. After the interrogation with our principal. My father was called to pick me up. When we got home, I was spanked by my father.  I was very scared. I know it’s my fault, but the trauma that I felt was one of a kind.

            Another thing that triggered my memory. When my father and my sister fought. I won’t tell what’s the reason because it’s confidential. But it was the most heart breaking moment in my life. I can’t bear what just happened the time. Seeing my sister getting slapped and pushed by my father, and telling my sister to pack all of her things and get out from his house. I cried that time. Seeing my sister my niece and nephew pack their things and moving out, is the most terrible feeling ever. Every time I recall that incident I can’t stop crying. I always pray when it happens. I wish it never happened.

Memory plays a big part in everybody’s life. We treasure each memorable moments in our life. Because it will make us think that our life is so worth it.

– Rowell Eusebio



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