If you never try, you’ll never know.

13 Apr


           No person is one and the same. We all have our differences, our identities, and our own selves. Our perspectives are never the same because of our own interpretations and insights, in which unique learning styles are incorporated. These distinctly designed cognitive processes are innate in every person, each causing a diverse notion or realities, and ultimately affecting how people think and act.

Students have different approaches towards learning styles. There are three basic learning styles namely: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Visual learning style is divided into spatial and linguistic. Linguistic learners prefer reading and writing while spatial learners are better with charts, graphs or any figures. Auditory learners are good in listening, note taking and talking to others. Lastly, kinesthetic learners do better when they are moving or touching something. Kinesthetic learning style is divided into two: kinesthetic and tactile. There are also minor learning styles like Logical, Social, and Solitary. Logical learners prefer using reasoning and logic in their understandings. Social learners like to learn in groups while Solitary learners would rather work alone and often use self-study.

I can say that I’m a linguistic learner because I like listening to music whenever I study. I’m also a solitary learner because I prefer working alone rather than having group studies. I usually get distracted and I don’t finish things done on time. I’m also a visual learner because whenever I study for an exam, I tend to write on index cards so that I can understand and remember easier. There are times when I incorporate the different learning styles simultaneously. 

– Bianca Vicente


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